Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Even Lydia the Tattooed Lady would not put something so dumb on her shoulder

I'm going to start a new feature on this blog called, "Really Dumb Things I've Seen On Pinterest"

Starting with the girl showing off her shoulder tattoo of the quote, "Never settle for anything less than butterflies."

First of all, I had to look it up to see if it was anything significant because I've seen it on Pinterest a few times, mostly scrolled in vinyl over an artfully arranged bed.  Maybe Nietzsche said it or something.  But no.  It refers to having butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love. Oh wait, is it from Twilight?  I'm having a dark memory of Bella saying something like, "My stomach felt full...of butterflies."  And now I want to vomit.

So this is the quote you're going to permanently etch into your flesh for all eternity?  This?!  Butterflies?!  I would say that this is the dumbest tattoo I've ever seen but then I had a coworker whose daughter had a picture of Janeane Garofalo tattooed on her calf.

Don't  you miss the days when tattoos actually meant something?  A tattoo used to signal that you were dealing with a man who would run down kittens on his Harley, or had seem some action in 'Nam, or had killed a man in Reno.  He could certainly rupture your spleen in a bar fight.  Now your accountant probably has a tattoo.  Back in Days of Yore when people were feeling edgy and wanting to express themselves they would just pierce their tongue or dye their hair green or write some really bad poetry and call it day.  Now people are putting that bad poetry on their collar bones for the world to see.  You can't throw your tattoo away like you can your notebook of bad poetry.  But you can certainly feel just as mortified when you reread it years from now.


Elizabeth Loyle said...

it's also sad because it shows just how shallow that person is and how fickle their affections are

Rach said...

I went through an edgy phase one summer in college, and considered getting a treble clef tattooed on my ankle. And then I used my brain for 3 minutes and realized that 1) tattoos hurt, and I never willingly expose myself to any kind of pain (I don't even jog), and 2) I'd most likely regret it 5 minutes after it was done. I have buyers remorse about almost everything I impulse buy, and a tattoo would have been no different. I went through pretty much the same thought process when a bunch of the BYU grounds crew tried talking me into a navel ring. Also, that is the stupidest quote I've ever heard as a tattoo.

Mary P said...

That is incredibly ridiculous. You should submit it to

Anonymous said...

You know when your wealthy benefactor makes his ultimate appearance and hands you a bouquet of diamonds, I will expect you to say "You didn't bring me a jar of butterflies. Be gone."

David and Sydney said...

Okay, you seriously crack me up! I was laughing so hard when I was reading this. It made me remember the summer I worked as a life-guard and the interesting tattoos I would see. My favorite was the Mexican husband who had a tattoo of his family on his shoulder, with the wife looking all skinny and fine and the youngest as a baby. Two problems with this kind of tattoo: the skinny wife on your shoulder looks nothing like the very large wife standing next to him and that baby didn't want to be immortalized as a baby on your arm. Especially considering how he will age into a wrinkled, saggy baby as you get older. Yeah, those tattoos really cracked me up too!

Stephanie said...

It reminds me of my brother who was feeling some pressure to get a tattoo from some of his college friends. He told me he really thought about it and then decided that "one day he was going to grow up." I thought that was the most grown up thing he had ever done and I was very proud of his ability to see himself in a future setting. And really, Jeneane Garofalo?