Sunday, April 29, 2012

A few things that happened a year ago and things that happened today

Happy Anniversary Will & Kate!

Remember that super amazing party my sisters and I threw for the wedding? Golly that was great.  To commemorate I wore my hat while I indexed this afternoon.

And another anniversary:  my grandpa died a year ago today.  Can you believe it's been a year? We had a brief cry/laugh while talking about him tonight at the parents. You cannot help but laugh when you're talking about him.  He was a cut up.

In other news, it was a very church-y weekend.  Friday night was a fundraiser to send the kids to camp.  Katie and I were the auctioneers for the dessert auction and let me tell you, it's kind of an exhausting job. The hardest part?  Remember people's names when you're talking really fast and everyone is waving their paddles.  And not just any names but your friends' names.  People you've known forever.  "I have $10 to um..uuuummmm...$10 to that person I've only known for years and years.  Yes, you, dear friend. Claim your brownies!" 

Then yesterday morning was the state-wide Mormon Helping Hands day of service where we all put on bright yellow vests and go out into the community and pick up trash or clear brush or help old ladies across the street or, in my case, paint green gates at the high school for several hours. We somehow ended up with 3 adults and 7 kids under 18 in my group. Which means we spent less time painting and more time convincing the kids that painting is fun.  But it was still a good time. 

But the biggest church-y thing I did was actually at church.  For the first time in many years I left the under-12 set and spent the whole time with grown-ups.  We have enough help in the nursery now that we get one Sunday a month to venture into Sunday School.  And while it was great to have adult conversation and an actual class discussion, I really missed those kids.  And the snacks.  And playing with the toys.  I was not the most reverent, is what I'm saying. It would appear that while I may be 80 in my habits I am 2 in my attention span.


Stephanie said...

Every time I am "allowed" to go to Sunday School or Relief Society I feel an automatic urge to wiggle in my seat. That's why Primary suits me just fine. Wiggling is allowed and even encouraged (there are whole SONGS about it!!).

Rach said...

I adore your hat. I need one for special occasions. I think it would be fun to wear one to the new fancy mall in downtown Salt Lake.

Now I know what all that chatter on facebook was about the Mormon Helping Hands.

I haven't ever been in Primary with a calling, and I still struggle to be reverent during RS and Sunday School. Think of how much trouble the two of us would be in if we sat next to each other.

Anonymous said...

I remember that day last year, the sad one. Hug.

And to this day, there is an epidemic in the Ontario Stake amongst the Shinehah alumni, that if you call someone or speak about someone else, the listener will not have a clue who you are/mean unless you use their camp name.