Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Felting Padawan

Kaiya and Jaron came over to color with me today for our now weekly art society meeting.   Yes, I belong to an art society with an 8 and 6 year old.  They wanted to listen to classical music while we created - we're dealing with a rare brand of children here. 

When they walked in Kaiya showed me a picture of a hummingbird that she wanted to copy.  And I thought she would want to paint it with sparkly watercolors as that is her medium of choice these days but she started eye-balling the World's Largest Felt Collection and asked, "Is today the day we finally use felt?" And I knew that it was time. 

You guys, she's my little felting padawan! I felt just like Willy Wonka when he met Charlie Bucket and thought, yes, finally, someone to pass it all on to.

I showed her how to cut out shapes and what order to do things. And she picked out all the colors we would use and cut out a lot of feathers and glued them on. And then she decided that where there are hummingbirds there are flowers so I made some rosettes and behold:

She asked if I could make it into a pillow.  Cute!

And then she did my hair for me.

Jaron was content drawing pictures of pirate ships and drinking hot chocolate even though it was 80 degrees today.  One of our society's bylaws is that we will always have hot chocolate if we want it.

Fact:  my art society is rad.


Amanda said...

This post makes me so happy. It also makes me really miss you! We need to get that Texas trip on the books! Love you!

Rach said...

That looks like so much fun. And that hummingbird is awesome! And the rosettes are so artistic! I love that you have an art society.

Chris said...

May I join your art society?

Stephanie said...

I love that you do this and my only true wish is that I lived closer so you could do this with my daughter. What a rich experience you are giving your young friends.

Kylea said...

I'd let Chris in, he knows how to Bedazzle.

Valerie said...

Is that hot chocolate with a straw? That kid's a genius.

richlivi said...

I understand that the society met again a couple of days ago, and that it initiated in a new member. Seriously, these posts are great. Kaiya loves her new pillow BTW. Oh, and FWIW, I told Kaiya that she should think about making it into a club instead of a society--maybe it's just me, but I think ya need about 30 more people to constitute a society. Plus, 6 and 8 year-olds don't belong to societies--they belong to kiddie clubs, you know, like the Mickey Mouse Club. Then again, what 6 and 8 year old wants to hang with adults and get down with Bach? They get down with Coldplay and The Fray when they chill with their parents. Anyway, you gotta luv those two. Thanks for showing 'em such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Who are these people? And where did you buy them?