Monday, April 9, 2012

The tradition continues.

Institute Shenanigans:

1.)  One of the kids at the institute mentioned that he thought his head was small, so I did what I always do in this situation, I pulled out my little measuring tape that I always carry with me and measured it.  And then started measuring other people's heads.  And then started the official Walnut Institute Head Competition. Results will be posted on my office wall.  I seem to have found a group who will humor me.

2.)  I have snacks for sale in my office so I regularly get into conversations about favorite candy bars.  Do you know what people love?  A plain Hershey bar.  Okay, sure, it's chocolate.  I certainly can't fault that.  But you're really going to choose a plain Hershey bar over peanut M&Ms?  Or a Twix?  Or peanut butter cups?  Or even a Hershey bar with almonds?  It's mystifying.

3.)  The resale of snacks to college students has led to some interesting currency coming into our cash drawer.  So far I have received coins from Canada and Fiji and a half of a dollar bill.  I wonder if they thought it would count as 50 cents.  And as far as the coins go, I'll just start up a collection of money from Commonwealth nations.  Anything with the Queen's head on it is good enough for me.


Bob said...

Sounds like the Walnut Institute is as awesome as ever!

Heidi said...

1. I have a HUGE head (we may have talked about this before) but I'd proably win for largest.

2. I would NEVER eat a Hershey's bar! WHO are these people?!?!? Peanut M&M's all the way!

3. Could I pay you in (Falcon Bucks) that is the cash flow we have the most of around our home (elementary good behavior $).

Rach said...

Question: Do you carry the tape measure around specifically for measuring heads? Also, eating a plain Hershey bar is kind of like melting a few brown crayons and eating them. My favorites: Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers. Let's be honest. I like all of them. EXCEPT a plain old Hershey bar. Those are for making smores.

Mary P said...

1. I love that you have found such a group.

2. UGH! Plain Hershey? Gag me, those are gross. Plain chocolate is only good if it is delicious. Hershey chocolate is NOT delicious. It is gross. Also Hershey is the worst offender in the whole ignoring-the-the-fact-that-enslaved-children-pick-the-world's-cocoa thing.

3. LOVE commonwealth moola. Do you have a Canadian two dollar piece? It's not just called a Toonie you know, it's sometimes referred to as "The Queen with the Bear Behind"! ;)

Stephanie said...

I agree that Hersheys is only good for s'mores - but I could write a whole essay on what makes the BEST s'mores. Special Dark, Peanut Butter cups and Hersheys with Almonds all make a better s'more than a regular Hershey bar. Thus proving your point. There are much better candy bars out there - for any reason. I think sometimes we are just lazy and don't think outside the box. It is your job to teach these youngsters the right way.

Anonymous said...

Of if only the individual had signed the half dollar bill. Then you could measure their head and ask what is taking up all the space inside it.

Anonymous said...
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