Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oooh, You're Gold

Please tell me you're watching the Wilson Phillips reality show.  Because I would hate to think you were missing out on it.  And here's why:  Chynna Phillips is the mayor of Crazytown USA.

At one point in a recent episode Carnie was recovering from surgery and Chynna moved in to help her out because they had a fast-approaching tour to begin.  Chynna suggested doing some breathing exercises so she started by plugging one of Carnie's nostrils with her finger and telling her to breathe through the other nostril.  Carnie said that she couldn't because her sinuses were clogged to which Chynna replied, "Clogged sinuses are your body's way of telling you that you don't deserve to breathe." When Carnie protested Chynna was all, "No really.  You're body does not think you are worthy of breath."


And that is just the beginning.  She says and does loony things all the time like spritzing herself with herbal mist and doing self-affirmation exercises.  I'm so in love with her!  Who knew she was so bonkers.  Michelle didn't mention any of this when we became best friends

I just struck me that Chynna is married to one of the Baldwin brothers and I'm trying to imagine their family parties where she is hanging around the guacamole making small talk with Alec.


Rach said...

Chynna was on Dancing with the Stars, and she wasn't on long enough to witness the crazy, or they cut it out of the footage shown before she danced. But now I think I need to watch the show. I forgot she was married to a Baldwin. Is it the crazy one, because that would make a lot of sense.

Angela said...

Haki and I have found Beauty and the Geek (Australia) to be an insanely addictive guilty pleasure because of very similar massive doses of crazy-town. It is delicious to the taste.