Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'll pack the snacks and the mixed tapes

1.  I stayed up way passed my bedtime last night reading a book. On a school night, even.  Just like days of old.  And also, I was trying not to die from the killer cramps I was having.  As I get older my cramps have only gotten worse.  I think it's my uterus saying, "Hey!  HEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!  What am I, chopped liver?"

2.  Camille, Nelly, and I went to the Dodger game on Monday night and even though we won and had a marvelous time we did not get on the jumbo-tron, despite all of our vigilant efforts.  And the efforts of these two guys sitting behind us.  Near the end we were basically the only ones left in our section (because the Dodgers were dominating the Braves and everyone leaves in the 8th anyways) and we had our Dodger blanket and we shimmied and danced and our new best friends behind us would join in.  And nothing.  Nothing at all.  We are hoping that at some point we made it onto the TV broadcast at least.

3.  Camille & Nelly spent the day out in LA so I took the train to meet them out there.  Which was a HUGE mistake.  Because it just reminded me of my awesome train trip to Chicago last summer.  And it made me even more antsy to get out of Dodge.  Spring does this to me.  It makes me want to pack my bags and head to exotic locations.  Or hop in my car and roll the windows down and drive until I feel like stopping.  Who's with me?  Let's go somewhere!  If you could take a road trip anywhere right now where would it be?  Me?  Yosemite.


Rach said...

1. Mine have gotten worse as I've gotten older, too. Please tell me you sang the cramps song.

2. The jumbo tron guy should be fired.

3. Guess where you can drive? My house! I have a giant pile of crayons.

Valerie said...

Me. I'm with you. Count me in. Ugh.

The thing is, California and New York are fun places. People want to travel to them. And I know this, and I try to make the best of it, but in my heart, I know I want to gooooooooooo.

Andrea said...

Ditto on the cramps thing. I think I consumed a whole bottle of ibuprophen this last time. And I'm pretty sure I consumed a whole pan of brownies by myself too.

I'll take a trip with you! I know it's not exotic but I've been longing for a trip to Santa Maria. My grandma lives there and I haven't been for a few years. It's close to the beach, Solvang, Hearst Castle, and they grow the best strawberries there! I also wouldn't mind a trip back to Oregon. It's so beautiful, green trees everywhere (a luxury compared to AZ), clear blue skys, and the fresh air smells amazing! Plus downtown Portland is one of the best places to people watch.

Anonymous said...

When you posted this I'd returned from a road trip to Canada and back only days prior. That is all I can say at this time.

Ms. Liz said...

Um - I have never been to Yosemite. Please show me your knowledgeable ways. Soon.