Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to find the eggs

Every Easter of my youth we would go to Grandma & Grandpa Knecht's house for breakfast and then all the grandkids would go out front and play Red Rover while the dads would hide the eggs in the back.  Then we would line up youngest to oldest (I always wished that it would be shortest to tallest so I would be closer to the front) and file in the back for the egg hunt.  There are countless pictures of us in this line up, all holding brown paper bags with our names on them. 

I haven't done an egg hunt in years but I did one last night.  There were only three kids at the family party but three more who couldn't make it and we wanted to collect eggs for them so Camille, Allie, and I took up the paper bags and joined in the search, complete with the line up (still youngest to oldest, drat) and pictures.  And I'm just going to say, I totally dominate at finding eggs.  I'll give you my number one tip in case you get an invite to the party next year.  You have to stand by Uncle Jeep because he will point you in the direction of the tricky ones.  He would do this all the time when we were kids and I'm happy to report that he still does it to this day. 

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Rach said...

I love Easter egg hunts. This year it wasn't snowy outside, so our Easter bunny (read: me) did an outdoor backyard egg hunt. The kids heads almost exploded. This was a first for them, and it will certainly not be the last one. Next year I think the Easter bunny's husband will be hiding the eggs so the Easter bunny can be just as excited as the kids to find the tricky ones. Of course, this all depends on the weather. An egg hunt in the snow is kind of the pits.