Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning Glory

My day started out a little stymied.  The power went out.  And then came back on. And then went out again.  So I decided to go to the gym.  Although begrudingly. I got in the car and started driving only to discover that the main street I live off of (Foothill, or you outsiders may know it as Route 66, because I'm cool like that) was packed.  The signal down the street was out and there was a mile long line up of people waiting to go through a four-way stop incorrectly.  I absolutely could not turn left.  So I turned around and went home and decided to walk around my complex. 

And that is when things started looking up.  The sun felt amazing.  The birds were chirping.  The combo of the vitamin D and endorphins made me want to skip.  I was listening to This American Life about a Jewish woman who wanted to perform a really big mitzvah and donate a kidney to a stranger but she was terrified of telling her mother.  It was a lovely story.  And then at the end of my walk I ran into Shelley and her girls and strolled around with them for a while and then we ran into my old neighbors Cindy and Ron and had a nice chat with them.  And then I mentioned how inviting the pool looked and Shelley convinced me that I needed to take a swim.  True story, I have never actually swum in our pool.  It's very fish-bowly.  All the apartments look right into.  And yet, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  So I did.  Best Decision Ever.  I swam for a bit, just long enough to not get a sun burn, which in my case is about 15 minutes.  (I did not put on any sunscreen which is tantamount to driving without a seatbelt while wearing a blindfold.  I am living on the edge, folks.)  The whole morning suddenly felt like a total victory.  I capped it all off by pluckng my eyebrows (a very life-affirming activity) and downloading the new Eric Hutchinson album (two thumbs up).


Stephanie said...

I love this post. Tender mercies are all around us.

Rach said...

I love it when a bad morning turns into a great day.