Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Save the Libraries!!!

I saw the Hunger Games tonight.  And I liked it. Truly, I did.  I don't know that I'll see it again because this story has some kind of voodoo spell over me that is all-encompassing and my eyeballs felt like they would pop out because I was so into it.  Also, mutts, EEK!  But it was good.

And I was going to tell you all about the previews that assaulted us before the movie - KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, I wanted to hide under my seat despite the years of caked on soda and popcorn butter that I'm sure has collected on the floor under there - they were just so loud and long with lots of explosions and fighting.  I was so tense through it all.  And they must turn the volume way up during the previews because it was like I was sitting on a sub-woofer.  The 80 year old in me was ready to hit someone with an orthopedic shoe.

But that tale will have to wait because when I got home I ended up reading all about the proposed total slashing of library funding in California. As in, all of it gone-zo.  Ugh.  Maybe it was because I had just watched the Hunger Games and was incensed at the way governing bodies can ruin people's lives, or maybe it was because I love books and libraries and think that they deserve to be saved, or maybe it was just the 80 year old in me being cranky that I was now deaf from the movie trailers, but whatever the reason I started writing letters.  Eight, to be exact.  Each member on the committee who will make the decision will soon be getting a nicely worded, only slightly sarcastic but definitely from-the-heart letter from me.

I LOVE writing letters to government officials!!!  Hey, who wants to join me in this letter writing campaign?  I thought you'd say yes so here are the names and addresses.  You can also call or email or fax. But I personally love a good old fashioned letter.  Stamps make things seem more official, don't you think?

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Rach said...

What the heck! I know there are a lot of amazing things about California, but the more I hear about the state government there the gladder I am that I'm not a resident there. Do they honestly think that getting rid of libraries is a good idea? It's the only way some people have access to books at all! What they are doing is inviting a state of increased illiteracy and a mass exodus of educated people. Big morons.