Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chapter 3 would be "Shimmy"

1.  First Dodger game of the season.  Woot!  It was good to be back.  And good to be out for under the miserable greedy thumb of Frank McCourt.  Welcome Magic Johnson, et al!  Plus, we won and there were fireworks and the predicted rain never came.  My face was exploding with happiness by the end of the night. And, as always, we got on the jumbo-tron.  My first book should be on the art of getting on the jumbo-tron.  Chapter 1:  Know your cameras.  Chapter 2:  Dance like a lunatic.

2.  At a meeting on Saturday night where several members of the world church leadership were present they opened things up for questions from the congregation.  In my head I was shouting, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!  PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"  Because people ask the dumbest questions.  Oh, they're so dumb.  Oh, why??!  WHY!!!!???? And to prove that all of my fears were founded the very first question was, "Elder Snow, could you please tell me why we say, "I'm going to church" when the technical term for the building is the meetinghouse?"  Oh, for crying in the mud.

3. I watched my friend Teresa's baby twice this weekend and on both occasions I spend a large portion of my time there kissing on his face.  Because, ugh, those cheeks.

4.  I went to Cafe Rio for the second time in my life and I finally got why people go bananas for it.  The first time I was unimpressed.  But this time I wised up and got the pork salad and was convinced.  Plus, they have crushed ice AND cherry coke.  I don't actually like soda very much.  Coke in particular.  And don't get me started on diet coke.  Why don't you just dump a cup of sugar in a bottle of cough syrup?  But I have a soft spot in my heart for cherry coke.

5.  Remind me to never drink Cherry Coke again.  Because my body is not prepared for that kind of sugar and caffeine consumption.  So for about 5 hours after I had some my brain was all, "Buzz, buzzzz, buzz buzz buzz.  BUZZZZZZZ."


Rach said...

1. I still need to go to a Dodger game. If I'm ever in California, hanging out with you during baseball season, we must go to one. You make baseball sound fun.

2. You are so right. We really don't need to discuss the exact location of Kolob today.

3. Chubby cheeks on a baby are the best.

4. The first time you went to Cafe Rio was with me. And then I spent the rest of the time barfing, which probably didn't help your opinion of the place. I'm glad you've had a better experience. And now I'm craving Cafe Rio.

5. I haven't had Cherry Coke for ages, but any kind of caffeine makes me wiggy. I don't know if I've seen you post-caffeine. I'd like to see that.

Mary P said...

I had the SAME Cafe Rio revelation on Thursday. Fourth time there, first time with the Pork Salad,and with the Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette. Can I just say that that stuff is INSANE.

Anonymous said...

"My question is in 12 parts, each having 4-8 sub-parts, so perhaps you would like to take a seat or have some water." - That One Episode Of West Wing