Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmastime in the Hood

What a lovely few days this has been.  On Christmas Eve we saw the return of an old Numbered Street tradition with Chino PD escorting Santa around on a flatbed truck.  We all walked down to the end of the street and waved, just like we did as kids. Nothing beats Christmas in the Hood.

On Christmas day we had our usual breakfast feast and then opened presents - one of which was a pair of Hammer pants.  For real.  Listen, my family is funny, okay?  And they've married funny people.  So when Camille put "Hammer Pants" on Gina's Christmas list as a joke, Chris decided to make them.  In hot pink.  We all took turns putting them on and dancing around the living room.  Glorious.

Yesterday we saw Les Miserables (I didn't hate Anne Hathaway, but I also wasn't broken up about her dying early on.) and then we had the summit.  There were no blazers or mustaches (disappointment) and we weren't in Switzerland but we did eat latkes and corned beef sandwiches and talked and laughed for many hours, which was exactly what I hoped for.


April Aleman said...

Glad to know I am not the only one who is not a huge fan of the Hath. Most times she is quite the deterrent for me seeing a movie.

Rach said...

I usually like movies in spite of Anne Hathaway. I haven't seen Les Mis yet, because I am a hermit with sick kids right now. But I am so going to see it. Soon. I'm glad you liked it. Now for the important thing: Did anyone take pictures of everyone in the pink hammer pants? Please make my entire year by saying yes. That Chris is a keeper for sure.