Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seriously, where's the fudge?

1.)  When Christmastime comes around I always start expecting treats every day.  Because treats seem to be so prevalent throughout December, that on the days that there are no treats I find myself looking around for them.  Surely there must be a plate of fudge somewhere in my apartment. Shouldn't there be a tin of brittle left on my doorstep?  A bag of caramels?  Cookies?

2.)  Speaking of Christmas treats I read an article in which the author was disproportionately passionate in her loathing of grapefruit as a holiday gift.  Is this a thing?  Do people really give grapefruits as gifts? She was writing as if this was a common practice and yet this was the first I've heard of it.  But then, every other person I know has a citrus tree in their backyard.  If I gave a basket of grapefruit as a gift I would expect the reply, "Um, thanks?" She was also writing as if everyone hates grapefruit.  Hogwash.  I think it's yummy.

3.)  It's not like I'm waiting at every door for a gentleman to open it for me, but this article on chivalry struck a chord.  I think we need to bring it back. Or at the very least, encourage men to not shove women out of life boats.

4.)  We were testing out Spenser's music video app at the institute.  What can I say, it's finals week.


Andrea said...

I want your job.

Stephanie said...

I loved that article on chivalry. I remember being at BYU and having someone say how nice it was to expect men to open doors for her.
There is something sweet and endearing when a man treats a woman differently than he treats his men friends.

I also love Spenser and fudgey treats.

Anonymous said...

Just watched an episode of "Frasier" where a character translated this song into Klingon. Apparently there's no word for "feel" in their language.

Camille said...

I think you should have a weekly Spenser Music Video. So so funny!

Rach said...

I always check your blog first thing in the morning. Then, when there's a new post, I know I'm going to have a good day. I had a good day. I love the music video. I also feel like I should have fudge or a caramel or a cookie in my hand as soon as December 1st hits. While I like a good citrus fruit in midwinter, a grapefruit does not a treat make. One time my dad promised us a treat and brought home a pomegranite. Treats don't grow on trees.