Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dory Mae

It was already a great night. I had spent the evening sitting around a bonfire at the beach with some of my favorite people. We watched the moon set, we ate tacos, we laughed, we were entertained by this 20 year old Australian kid who invited himself to join in on our fun and then told us the most fantastic tales of his run-ins with the law on his drive across the country, including 3 days in a jail in Denver (Us: "Why'd you come here?" Him: "California. It's the dream.") I could not have asked for more of the night.

And then I got home and there was a package sitting on the table...
You'll recall she recently ran off to a horse ranch in Montana.  Inside was this:
Meet Dory Mae Clemson, former rodeo queen of 1999. Oh, she had been a star. But time wore on and she got a job working the morning shift at the truck stop. One night she sat across the table from her long time boyfriend Cal, watching him eat yet another plate of pot roast, and she just knew in her heart that he would never marry her. Sure, he had proposed 5 years ago at the oil refinery's company picnic (she has a ring that I think she's going to pawn soon) but he never wanted to talk about setting the date. He always had some excuse, the house wasn't ready, they didn't have enough money, he had to bail his good for nothing brother out of prison again. She loved him, but not enough to stay. So she put on her best dress and dolled herself up and left.
Tomorrow Dory Mae will join me in my car and we'll see what kind of adventures she can have.
(I have no idea who sent this but I love you with all of my heart!)


Rach said...

I'm looking forward to meeting her and sharing in some California adventures.

Unknown said...

She's such a doll!

Cynde said...

AWESOME! If she ever wants to have an Arizona getaway...she is always welcome. We will make sure she sees all the sights.

On another note, this makes me want to seek out Robin. We had such good times with him. Remember when he ditched us in San Diego?

Camille said...

This might be the greatest news since finding out Richard Branson can take me to space. I'm so excited for you and Dory Mae.

Who ever did this, I'm giving you a big internet hug.