Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tacos or Pizza

1. Tacos or pizza? I asked my seminary kids this morning and we were split evenly. But for the record: it's tacos. Tacos 4-Ever!

2. My mom got me tickets to a ukulele concert for Christmas. Specifically, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.  Did you even know there was a thing? I didn't and I actually go to ukulele play-alongs. Although, admittedly I know very little about the ukulele world. And it is a world, believe me. You go to just one of these play-alongs and you learn really fast just how much people can talk about ukuleles (A LOT!). But anyway, this concert. Mom was sick so she couldn't come with me (major bummer) but Lindsay was a good substitute. And you guys, it was super fun. I mean, who knew. They were insanely talented and very funny and played all sorts of genres. Notably, Psycho Killer, the theme from Shaft, and maybe one of the best covers of Heard It Through the Grapevine. Slam dunk, Mom!

3.  Camille moved away to Utah. UTAH! (shaking fist! ) Land of People I Love Who Have Abandoned Their Senses and Their Family. Why?! WHY!!!!!??? Well, she got a great job, that's why. And I'm happy for her and my other turncoat family members who get to enjoy her. But I'm trying to figure out how I can send the whole state of Utah one of those glitter bombs.

4. Can you imagine anything worse than getting one of those glitter bombs? It seems like if you were in a prank war with someone a glitter bomb would escalate things pretty quickly. You're putting rubber spiders on pillows and Jell-o powder in the shower head and it's all fun and games. And then someone sends a glitter bomb and the next thing you know there's an anvil over the doorway.


Rach said...

I like soft tacos only. The crunchy ones are super frustrating to me. And I love love love pizza. I'm glad to know there are ukulele orchestras. It just seems right. And I'm glad you got to see one. I'm sorry that Camille abandoned you, but don't you think that's a sign that it's time for you to join us in Utah? Of course, if you did, I wouldn't get to have a so cal getaway in the middle of winter. (2 weeks and two days!!!) And now I'm going to go look up glitter bombs. I've never heard of them, but they sound fantastic.

Laura said...

For me, it would depend on what kind of taco. I like a crunchy taco, but I do get frustrated by the initial crunch/entire thing breaking into pieces issue. That's why I thought the double decker taco from Taco Bell was pure GENIUS! Taco Bell is not my favorite, but that taco is an engineering wonder!

Andrea said...

A glitter bomb would be horrible, but it would be fun be there if you or Amanda ever got one. I can picture the whole thing right now. Not that I would ever wish that upon anyone, but really, can't you picture how hilarious that would be?