Monday, January 5, 2015

What would Vidal Sassoon think of my hair care?

Last night I started a post about my one and only hair tip - put your dry shampoo in the night before. But then about an hour ago I caught a glimpse of my hair and thought, what sane person would take a hair tip from me. Because my hair, it's flat like unto a pancake today. Yesterday I had a great hair day, this despite a pack of wild four year olds deciding to play Vidal Sassoon on it. I was an emergency sub for the 4 year old class at church and the combination of a new time, a new classroom, and a new teacher put the kids on Level Whirlwind. So after a brief lesson and a long trip to the bathroom we ended up sitting on the floor in the classroom and they took turns "styling" my hair. And yet, still, after all that, it looked pretty sensational. But today, nope. I guess I'll take every other day. That's fine.

Lots of people go a few days between hair washing. And I imagine it has more to do with maintaining a healthy scalp and manageable hair. I think there is also some witchcraft going on there because I've never been able to stretch it longer than two days before it starts looking like a wet mop. But I go the distance because my primary goal in life is to not have to do my hair. It's not like it's difficult to do. It's just the amount of time it takes to blow dry and straighten...well, I could be sleeping, okay. If it didn't make me feel like I've lost all hope I would wear a ponytail every single day. Additionally, besides really loving gray hair, I think one of the secondary reasons for deciding to not do anything about the few that are sprouting from my head is that I cannot fathom dying my hair every few weeks. It just would not happen. I can see myself looking in the mirror at my two inch roots and saying, "Eh. I think I can a few more weeks."

Some days I consider my stance on hair maintenance and am tempted to think that maybe I've given up. But instead I choose to think that I'm just demonstrating the confidence it takes to willingly accept the bad hair day in favor of an extra hour of sleep. What do I care if my hair is flat.

But I'm not kidding about the dry shampoo tip. And also, when was the last time you even thought about Vidal Sassoon?


Taryn said...

Your hair was fabulous on Sunday!!!

Cynde said...

You and me...we both had bad hair days today. Mine was flat. My only saving grace sometimes is dry shampoo and a messy bun. I always love your shiny thick locks. I am jealous!