Thursday, March 20, 2008

Teacher of the Year

I was sitting in the fiction section at the library the other day, reading page 12,573,477 of Atlas Shrugged, and I overheard about 5 minutes of a tutoring session wherein the tutor discussed the following topics:

Biblical disasters
The Wright Brothers
The Smithsonian
Amber harvested in Denmark and Puerto Rico

Hottentots! Awesome.


The Cahoons! said...

I'm reading Heidi right now, and Heidi and Peter totally had a little conversation of Hottentots in my reading from today.

Chris said...

I had never heard of Hottentots until I read your blog. I immediately googled it to find out what it meant. This is just another example of how truly educational your blog is. Thank you, Rachel, for broadening my horizons.

i'm courtney said...

i so wish you had linked
"hottentots". i guess i'll have to just google it myself. and yes, my laziness extends to googling now.