Sunday, July 20, 2008

Importing Exporting

I went for a job interview the other day that made me think that I would be working for Kramerica Industries. I had no idea what the company did going into it and still don't after it. I kept asking them what it was I would be doing and they said, "Managing," and I asked, "Managing what?" and they mumbled something about wholesale mass production. My guess is latex.

Also, it once again made me fear for the youth of today. They were hiring for a load of different positions and there were several kids in there applying for who knows what (I'm not even sure the interviewers knew) and they were all wearing jeans or shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops. For job interviews. I felt like the Wise Woman of the Forest around them. I looked like I was going to the opera compared to these people. And that included the interviewers. There was a man and a woman. The man was showing off his wife beater and the woman was showing off her ample bosom. I'm a little desperate for work but I'm kind of praying that they don't call me back.


Chris said...

I thought that the latex sales was Vandelay Industries.

Gina said...

Imagine the fun stories you could write about working at Kramerica Industries and Vandelay industries. Are they hiring?

BTW, Alpine district is looking to train new bus drivers. You would make the best driver with your mix CD's and quick wit you could totally take over the bus world. (just another meager attempt to get you to move up here.)

Rach said...

I'll second that, Gina. The kids would look forward to their bus rides every day. And think of the fun we would have on weekends. A bus full of friends and relatives heading out on adventures.

Amanda said...

As your friend, Rachel, I am going to suggest that you seriously unconsider the bus driver option. While you would be the coolest bus driver ever, remember that there are children on the bus! And I believe the new bus drivers get the worst kids. Who am I kidding? I think every bus has the worst kids. I've been on buses for field trips with kids that I knew were good and somehow on the bus they turn into something else.
You can move to Utah if you insist (I know you don't) but don't drive the bus!

Andrea said...

I second Amanda. You would be the coolest bus driver but just think of all the stuff you'd have to deal with. My niece barfed one time while on the bus, I feel so bad for that bus driver!