Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is what comes of not posting for a while

A smattering of things I could blog about:

1.) There are some CHARACTERS on Project Runway this time around. Like Suede, who talks in 3rd person. As in, "Suede is an idiot." And that really tan guy with the greasy hair who adds "-licious" to the end of everything.

1a.) I would like to invite Heide Klum and Tim Gunn over for snacks. Michael Kors can come too but not Nina Garcia. I would be afraid of her saying my cookies were uninspiring. I would also like to have Tim Gunn record my voice mail message. I'm serious. If you know Tim Gunn, have him call me. And, Tim Gunn, if you're reading this, my birthday is coming up and this is what I want the most.

2.) Did you know that the recipe for Rice-a-Roni (the San Francisco treat) originally came from an Armenian woman who had to flee the country during the genocide, leaving her two boys with a Greek family and walking across the Middle East with nothing but rags on her feet. I heard the story on NPR this morning and cried and cried. Knights of Columbus, I just remembered she was pregnant. Here come the tears again.

3.) There is a very strict "no perfume" rule in my office. In fact, it's so strict that if you come in with it on and you still smell perfumey after washing it off then we cancel your appointment. This is a rule I can get behind. So, let it be known, that if you have an appointment with me and show up with perfume or cologne on, I will cancel it. But, because we're friends, I will not charge you the $25 cancellation fee.


Rach said...

I love Tim Gunn's voice too, but mostly I'd just like for him to come shopping with me and pick out everything I should wear. He did it for the Biggest Loser crowd last season and I was quite impressed and extremely jealous. And a no perfume policy? Really? What about fruity lotions?

Wendy said...

So congrats on the new job! I'm behind the times, but I've been out of town, as you know. I don't watch Project Runway but I did see Tim Gunn 's makeovers on The Biggest Loser. He seems to like cleavage, which I probably wouldn't have assumed about him just based on a first impression, and he cries very easily. Those are my limited observations of Mr. Gunn.

Silvestre Family said...

Tim Gunn is my favorite! Oh and Suede... I have no words.

Laura said...

I also would want a little shopping trip with Tim! I just feel he always seems to pick very pretty things that are appropriate for ther person wearing them. Oh, and I'd want him to pay for my shopping spree too, of course! If he comes over for snacks...PLEASE let me come!! If you did, I'd think you were fabu-licious!!

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I only recently discovered project runway (re-runs and now the new season) and I love Tim. I also love your blog! "Carry on!"