Thursday, October 16, 2008


Instead of watching the debate last night I switched between watching the Dodger's lose and the season finale of Project Runway. My one consolation of the night was that Kennley lost. Her clothes were alright but her constant whining and eye-rolling made me want to put her in a corner -- for eternity. She spent all season being snippy with Tim Gunn! And Heidi! Who does she think she is? I only wish she had been rude to Nina Garcia. You know that Nina would have shot laser beams out of her eyes and then called the remaining ashes and wee little feather hat left on the runway "trashy."

Anyway, while watching Project Runway they had a promo for "Australia", the new movie with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and directed by Baz Luhrman. It looks like I may want to see it because 1.) hubba-hubba, Hugh Jackman, and 2.) I love Baz Luhrman movies. He has flare. If I believed in having favorite movies Strictly Ballroom would be in the running. And I like Nicole Kidman, when she's not whispering her lines. But here's my issue. Last night when she was introducing the clip I was horrified by the color(s) of her hair. Her roots were the color of frozen corn and the rest of it was like corn after you've left it in the microwave too long. I don't know if it was for a movie or for Halloween or if she's too busy with her new baby and snuggling with Keith Urban to schedule an appointment with her colorist or if she has actually requested having two shades of corn in her hair. My point being that I am once again flummoxed by the Rich and Famous' inability to pull it together.

On a slightly more serious note: I wouldn't have watched the debate anyway for a very good reason. Whenever I watch debates this is all I hear:

Guy 1: Here's a very vague and over-simplified synopsis of my
plan. Blahbitty-blah-blah Chocolate For Everyone!
Guy 2: Now, why don't you be honest with these good people and tell
them that in order for everyone to have chocolate we will have to
kill bunnies under your plan.
Guy 1: We're not going to kill ALL the bunnies. Although
some of them will sort of have to die. But dead
bunnies are what the people want if it means chocolate. And besides it's
better than your plan that involves kicking small children.
Guy 2: I never said I would kick small children. I only said
that there was a possibility that small children would get in the way of my
swinging foot. The people demand it.
Guy 1: You're dumb.
Guy 2: You're ugly.
Guy 1: But I respect you.
Guy 2: I don't hate you some of the time.


Wendy said...

I totally agree with your debate commentary. I can't watching the things. How anyone thinks watching the debates will help them be more informed as a voter is beyond me. You know what's worse than the actual debate though? The debate analysis. If anyone ever wanted to know how to torture me - how to truly inflict unbearable physiological pain - it would be to force me to watch any form of political analysis show.

Wendy said...

PS - In case you are confused by the use of the phrase "physiological pain" in my comment, so am I. That's what happens when you type fast and are a poor speller and spell check all the red squiggly lined words and just check the first word on the list without looking too closely, and then read over your response later and find the phrase "physiological pain" rather than the intended "psychological pain".

Anonymous said...

Oh pumpkin... Clearly you've watched far more debates than I, because you have them down flawlessly. In my classic vein of sqishing things together I had an image of small children kicking chocolate bunnies to death.

Andrea said...

I admit, I skipped the debate and watched the Dodgers (don't get me started on that!) but from what I hear about the debate, your analysis sums it up perfectly.

Valerie said...

I was also relieved when Kennley didn't win. I haaaaaate her.
I figured Leanne would win, but I think I liked Korto's line the best. I thought it was the most interesting and the most un-Kennley.
And were those feathers in her hair? I thought they were leaves?
Ah, I guess we'll never know.

Heather said...

Oh, how I love you!!!
"The people demand it."
"I don't hate you some of the time."

Rach said...

Was there a debate? Really? I try to ignore those things as well. I think your summary was PERFECT! I watched 4 minutes of one of the vp debates and put in season 4 of the office to calm down and add some points to my IQ. I don't have the right channel for Project Runway, but when I do, I'll probably be addicted to it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching the debates in that train wreck sort of way. The post-game commentary makes me think of when Gina and I would declare ourselves the winner of the Merced Variety Show. Which we were, of course.

The Katzbox said...

Loved loved loved the Nina Garcia true...

And the DEBATE right on was that? funny...

Bravo...not just the channel...YOU!!!

AJ said...

You should be on CNN and break down the debate points for "real people" in terms we understand. I really appreciated your take on the debate. I think I even snorted a little. Don't tell.