Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

Because I live in a place that has glorious weather about 300 days out of the year (the other days: 55 days of excessive heat and 10 days of rain) I find myself sometimes defending Southern California's seasons. Because we do have them. I promise. I just like to think that we're so in tune with nature here that we only need very subtle signs of seasonal changes. I don't need a snowstorm hitting me over the head to know that it's winter. I let the fact that I'm not wearing flip-flops handle that.

But lest you don't believe me, allow me to share a few signs of spring with you:

1.) The air is filled with the smell of jasmine and orange blossoms. It's heavenly. And deadly. Because the smell of spring is also the smell of mutant allergies that are trying to kill me. I was standing outside the other night, practicing my nunchuck skills (which are quickly become extra awesome), and I could feel my throat closing and nose swelling and my eyes puffing and that desire to shove a knitting needle down my ear to scratch became almost unbearable.

2.) The emergence of leaves on the non-native trees. We have trees that drop their leaves here too. Just outside my office window are a row of lovely trees (thanks to wikipedia I learned that they are sweetgum trees. The kind that drop the spiky balls.) that are sprouting new leaves. And the fact that their old leaves turned and dropped in January does not mean we can't rejoice in new ones just two months later.

3.) The emergence of tube tops. You know it's spring when we go from it being 60 and sunny to 80 and sunny and girls start digging out their favorite swatches of stretchy fabric.

4.) The return of the freckles on my nose. Much like the swallows returning to Capistrano, every spring the freckles on my nose show up. Because it's 80 and sunny again it feels nice to be outside (Not in a tube top. You're welcome.) so I've started to take walks on my lunch break and the sun has brought the freckles back. Hooray!

5.) That haze around the mountains that isn't smog. In the spring we often get some coastal clouds that burn off in the morning and create this dreamy, slightly diluted sunshine effect. It makes everything look soft.

6.) Every strawberry stand is open for business and you wish you had cash on you every time you pass one.

7.) Newspaper articles about the Dodgers appear more frequently. My dad always says that General Conference and Baseball Opening Day are the two pillars of spring. (Guess what the two pillars of fall are.)

What are your favorite signs of spring?


The Katzbox said...

This was great. As a transplanted southern Californian of about 8 years now, I (still) needed this. I love the scent of the air at this time of year. I also love the scent of the air in February when the carob trees are doing their replaced the smell of the Ohio fireplaces in February...not a bad exchange...different for sure, but nice nonetheless....

Some favorite signs of spring (and thanks for asking)

*the evening dog walk doesn't require a sweater because the temperature of the breeze is about the same as the temperature of my skin. It's a little intoxicating on a heavily citrus scented night when one can forget their "boundaries" and become rather carried away (in a good, relaxing, escaping way)

*the drive to seminary doesn't require the heater being on!

*The snowbirds are leaving the desert and there are actual parking spots at our Costco that are within a half mile of the entrance.

Thanks for the great post Rachel...well done.

Andrea said...

I love the orange blossoms. I miss being at home and being able to open my window at night and smell the trees in our backyard. Oh and Cadbury Eggs & Jelly Beans in abundance at the grocery store. And yes, of course, the Dodgers. I have a feeling they're going to beat those Diamondbacks again this year! Yay for spring!

Amanda said...

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite smell in the entire universe (and I mean, more than baking brownies) is citrus blossoms? On temple grounds in Mesa, it is incredible. My most favorite thing ever.
I am super excited for spring. The other night, John brought me in a bud off one of the trees with a big smile on his face. The thought of spring makes me so happy.
I also love the idea of gardens and the beginning stages when weeding is not involved. I need one of those little mini rototillers that they show on tv so I can just go around the plants and never weed again. Our weeds out here grow like trees. I'm not kidding about that.

Amanda said...

P.S. Totally unrelated but important request. I believe you have a camera that records video. Is that right? My request is that you get someone to record your nunchucking abilities. I'm having a hard time believing this without actual footage.

Stephanie said...

We got married on the first day of spring 11 years ago (tomorrow!) - and I had daffodils in my wedding bouquet.

So my anniversary and daffodils always make me think of spring and newness and lovliness.

Andrea said...

I second the motion to post footage of the nunchucking. Great idea Amanda!

Rach said...

My favorite signs of spring:
1) The snow melting from my yard 2) The snow melting from my garden
3) The snow melting from my deck
4) Of course, my tulips peeking out from the soggy dirt after the snow melts. And we are there!!!

Of course, we get all these signs of spring, which are then followed by a giant snowstorm, just to put us in our place and ensure that all the bulbs and seeds we just planted freeze to death.

Chris said...

One of my favorites was the Jacaranda trees in bloom.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to be a real pain in the butt here.

i am not a big fan of spring. sorry,just not.

ask me next october what my favorite parts of fall are. now, THAT's a conversation. :)

Jennette said...

My signs of spring (don't know if they are really considered "favorites"):
1. Girl scout cookie sales
2. Lambing season updates from my uncle.
3. People talking about going to UT for conference seems to be the dominant theme of conversations.
4. Girls switch from sweat-inducing sheepskin boots to flip flops. No intermediates.
5. The world actually looks a little green for a moment before everything goes back to brown.

The Katzbox said...

Hey! It's me again. I have to tell you something. I woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about your nunchucking skills. I am NOT kidding. Since I've never met you, you were a shadowing figure in a white karate-type thing and you were nunchucking in a twilight time of day on a hill. I realize how stupid I sound. But the thought came to me that nunchucks are the perfect addition to the "Rachel Action Figure". Did I mention it was 3:00 AM? Your action figure's accessories are better than mine, which remain horned rib eyeglasses and a rocking chair. Your action figure can kick my action figure's butt. Now I'm depressed.

Heather said...

I love spring! I'm looking forward to going to a garden sometime soon! I almost went to the Japanese Friendship Garden, but it was raining when I wanted to go. Sad.

I did drive by the flower field place in Carlsbad (I don't know what it's called) and I think we should plan a trip down there. I'm Sure sis. F will want to go.

PS--she wants us to plan a lady's night to do dinner.