Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweep the Leg Johnny!!!

You know I'll do anything for a good laugh. If I think something is going to be funny or if I can get a good story out of it, I'm totally there. And I'm fortunate to have friends and family that are the same way.

Which is how Katie, Liz, Heather and I found ourselves in a Nunchucks for Everyone class last night.
And now I can't stop giggling. No seriously. I haven't been able to stop since last night when I had to bow to my sensei. You can't even imagine how much this whole thing tickles me. Or how many lines from the Karate Kid have run through my head.
It all started a few months ago when Katie opened up the the Upland Community Programs brochure and saw they were offering the class. We all happened to be hanging out and she brought it up that she thought we should join. It certainly sounded like fun. And said it was for everyone, so why not.
We were going primarily because it would be hilarious. I think nunchucks are inherently funny and I could only imagine the joy I would have in saying, super casually, "So, I was at my nunchucks class down at the dojo...." I mean, really. How funny, right?
But there were a few fears:
1.) Would sarcastic remarks be appreciated or even tolerated? Since we were going for laughs we fully intended to make it fun. Would they go along with it? Or would our sensei be like the one at the the Cobra Kai? "No Mercy!"
2.) Would it just be us and a bunch of 10 year olds? The age range said 8-adult, so there was that possibility.
3.) Would we be laughed out of the place because we were old women?
4.) Would we poke out our eyes, or the eyes of all the 10 years olds, with our nunchucks?
5.) My particular fear was that I'm not very coordinated and it said we would be learning tricks and spins. I'm 80. I can barely walk without falling over.
But all fears were resolved when we got to the class. Our sensei not only allowed sarcastic remarks, but gave them right back. We were given foam nunchucks which will greatly reduce the possibly of losing an eye. None of us fell over or called us old. And it was, indeed, mostly 10 year old boys. Goofy 10 year old boys. It turns out that it's a regular karate studio and the class is made up of the students there and community members can join up. There are a few teenagers who are all black belts and one woman whose son is in the class too. And they were all fantastic! They didn't laugh at us for being uncoordinated old women and they went easy on us, and then marvelled at our cat-like reflexes and overall awesomeness as we dominated in the Whack the Pieces of Pool Noodles into a Bucket with your Nunchucks game. Especially when it was boys against girls and the 4 of us teamed up with Sempai Jessica (who is a double black belt and 16) and the mom and we killed them. Take that, all you kids with your fancy colored belts!
So not only was it hilarious to be there, but it was also really fun. We learned the first of the blocks and strikes and after we got home the four of us practiced in the parking lot, which is where the real laughing happened. I'm talking not being able to stand up straight, wheezy grandpa kind of laughing. If any of you live in Las Brisas and happen to drive by on a Monday evening, and you see us in what looks like mortal combat, or in the throws of an epileptic fit, do not be alarmed...we are trained nunchuckers.


Liz the Poet said...

Really, this was one of the best nights of my life! (Especially the parking lot which I feel should be our honorary dojo.)

And today at work, I've been able to "super casually" mention that I'm a nunchucker, and am working towards my first belt.

Totally awesome!

By the way, have you looked at the other "routines" or whatever you call them, on the DVD our sensei gave us?

Heaven help us all!

I'm fairly confident that I'm going to impale one of the children.

Very tricky!

Amanda said...

Okay, can I tell you how jealous I am? I mean, really jealous. And not the fun kind of 'Wow that is cool' jealousy. The real business that gets you to coveting and kicked out of heaven. Not that that is the only thing that's going to keep me out of heaven.
I can only imagine the parking lot hilarity and can hardly wait for the fun stories. I'm so glad sarcasm was allowed because otherwise I'm sure you would have gotten kicked out of the studio. Have fun and I am saying a little prayer for eye preservation right now.

Rach said...

Not only can you use Karate Kid quotes on a regular basis, but you can also list nunchuck skills on a resume or when you're looking for a hot date (think Napoleon Dynamite). I am also super jealous like Amanda. Why, oh why don't I live closer!

Andrea said...

I am also very jealous, I wish I could have been there, although we all know that if I was I would have had to wear Depends.

Chris said...

That sounds like so much fun. Gina and I will have to see if they have nunchuck classes in the Grove.

I always thought they were called "numchucks", but then I thought "shareful" was a word. English was always my worst subject in school.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE IT! I've never wanted to live in California more than I do right now. I didn't know that it could mean I could be a nun-chucker!!

You guys are awesome!

Heather said...

Haha--I'm giggling too! That was so much fun! and I cant wait to do it again! We are so getting our yellow stripes soon!

Erin said...

Ok, so I admit that I am a regular lurker here...but nunchuck class has got to be the funniest thing I have ever heard of. What I wouldn't give to find one of those classes in Texas.

The Katzbox said...

I thought it was "num-chuck"as well...but I guess that sounds more like a 3-stooges kind of thing, but then again, maybe that's more appropriate...this was GREAT....