Monday, March 16, 2009

Tennis anyone?

Somewhere along the road I became a tennis fan. I don't know how this happened. But one day I found myself watching a Wimbledon match and I was hooked. I think it helps when you know how it's scored. In tennis, love is not a good thing.
And somehow Camille and Casey because equally obsessed so we headed out to Indian Wells this weekend for a tennis tournament. Where, among other things, we got to see Roger Federer play. Which was awesome. I mean, really, seriously awesome. We watched a bunch of other matches, including one in a small side court where we got to sit in the front row which put us up close and personal for a tantrum by a French player (we were afraid he was going to drop kick the ball boy into the next court).
It was a pretty fantastic day. The sun is approximately 3000 miles closer to Indian Wells as it is to any other spot on the earth so it was kind of warm and INCREDIBLY BRIGHT. It wasn't as hot as it was two years ago when we were last there (110 March) but it was still warm enough to suck down a frozen lemonade and wish for another as you're doing it.
When you're blinded by the sun and wishing you had a fancy phone that connects to the internet so you can look up what heat stroke feels like, you get pretty creative with your headgear.
The shirt-as-a-hat
the hat-as-a-ticket-holder
the if-it-worked-for-Pancho-Villa-it-can-work-for-me hat
There were also several large, floppy hats, hats with sparkles, and one chair umpire who, from a distance, appeared to have a shaggy hat on but in reality was sporting a mullet.
And, as a special bonus, if you watch tennis at all you know who Bud Collins is. And you know he's famous for his flashy pants. The man did not disappoint.


The Katzbox said...

Great pics...great comments...and yes, the sun IS 3000 miles closer to Indian's NUTS!!!

Happy you had a nice're spending quite a bit of time in the Coachella should think of getting a little condo here...think of the stories you could tell!!!!

Amanda said...

My only memory of watching tennis is when we were watching the capri guy and he was a faker and needed a breather, so he pretended that he was choking on his banana. Remember that? "Platano"
Have I mentioned that I love the name Coachella? In my grad classes there was this girl and she was always saying Coachella with this funny accent and it will never be the same for me.

Rach said...

I love Bud Collins' pants. I'd like to know where he buys them, because if I did I'd buy up a bunch and make Tim wear them in large crowds so I can always find him. And I'd like to take credit for your love of tennis, but it was so long ago that we used to watch Wimbledon together that I can't remember if you were already in the habit or not. I do remember that sometimes we'd go over to the junior high and pretend to play tennis. Mostly it was just chasing down balls, though.

rachelsaysso said...

I think we also played so that we had an excuse to go to Zuka Juice afterwards.

Rach said...

Oh, that's right. How I miss Zuka.