Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And yet again.

For the last two weeks I've had Thursday and Friday off because of the holidays and this morning I was lamenting that today wasn't my last work day of the week.

Except that it is because, once again, I was laid off.

Laid off! As in, I'm unemployed AGAIN!

I'm going to kick this crummy economy in the shins. And possibly call it names.

We lost a really big client a month ago and then we're losing another really big client in about a month and there have been rumors of more contracts going down the drain in the near future so Chiquita can't afford to keep me on full time and instead of making me part time she decided, and I agreed, that it would be better if she lay me off so I can collect unemployment. She paid me my two weeks vacation and said she would definitely bring me back if things got better so that's a bonus, but Knights of Columbus, I hate being unemployed.

The last time this happened I went home, prayed, paid my tithing, sent out 20 resumes and got a job in a week. This time I went home on my lunch break, prayed, paid my tithing, and then came back to show Chiquita how to work the scanner and the vertical blinds. What will she do without me?! She just barely learned how to cut and paste on the computer. Everyone needs to pray hard that the County of San Bernardino wins the Lotto, or finds a long lost rich uncle, or discovers oil in their backyard so that they can give us back the contract so Chiquita won't have to call me everytime she needs to change an Excel spreadsheet.

But hey, until that happens, I'm free for lunch dates. If you're paying.


Andrea said...

Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear that. I will be praying for you for sure. And I'm going to pray that you get this job back because I love hearing your Chiquita stories. Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

Sweet Rachel. At least Chiquita knows what's good - and I hope you find something good quickly - or that San Bernadino does.

In the meantime, happy reading and sluffing and computer surfing.

I wish everything good for you.

colleeeen said...

Sympathy comment: Ouch. I'm so sorry; this just sucks.

Bright Side comment: Hey Leisure Lady, come down to Orange County sometime. I'll take you to lunch in Laguna.

colleeeen said...

Oh, and Rizza Pizza right between Ensign books & the distibution center still has wicked cheap pizza specials. We used to live right around the corner from it when we were dirt poor.

Amanda said...

This is going to sound random, but just today I was thinking about a scenario in which I was free to road trip around the country for a couple months and you were 'between jobs' and you came with and we had the best time. You made the CD mixes and I brought the treats. Too bad only one part of it is true! Sorry! Wish I was available for a roadtrip and that it was spring/summer. Oh the fun we'd have.
I'll be praying for you girl.

Rach said...

Dang it! I am so sorry. Right now seems like the perfect time to escape the warmth of California and visit your North Ogden buddy. I'll cheer you up and help pass the time until you get a fantastic new job, or until you get your awesome Chiquita job back. Or, snuggle into your jammies and enjoy the time off. Either way, I'm sorry Chiquita had to let you go.

The Katzbox said...

I almost sadder for Chiquita...almost.

This is terrible for you. But I'm a vulture because I know that there were will be wicked funny stories on your blog about random things that you're thinking about during the day.

That makes me a horrible person.

I need to repent.

I'm really sorry, tho.

Bronwyn James said...

Rachel, Drat! Why are the Fates out to get you? Do you play the harmonica? Because in my opinion there is a shocking shortage of street-harmonica players, at least here in Tunis. I can offer you free rent for a month if you want to come give it a go. Think of the possibilities!

Truly, I'm so very sorry. I'm sending the best possible karma your way.

Tina said...

Me thinks Chiquita should have been laid off if she can't work a spreadsheet or the blinds!

Ms. Liz said...

Oh Rachel. *Lizzie Hug*

I totally feel your pain and I know only the looming axe murder that is the California Economy would have driven Chiquita to such ends.

Thai is on me this month. If you need a completely sympathetic shoulder I am all yours.

Tammy said...

I know the feeling, it is a total bummer... but I know everything will work out the way its suppose to.

Andrea said...

Just so you know there's a couple of positions open in my office. Don't you think it's time you give Arizona a try? I'm just saying...

Heath said...

I'm sorry!
But I am taking a quick road trip to Utah soon, if you want to come along for the ride.

Gina said... should come up with Heather...then you could visit us (and the nephews). Tempting, isn't it? You could be a lady of leisure for a few days. :)

abby or mama said...

Rachel, Sooo sorry to hear about the job....this too shall pass, that actually isn't very comforting sometimes is it? How about Don't go having a nervy b. or anything because like phwoar you totally like have the Ace gang here for you- love, georgia
p.s.-krii's bday is in a few weeks, lets do something naughty.

Angela Noelle said...

Is it wrong that this low ebb is providing GREAT material for a lil' ol' reader like me on the bottom of the globe? Seriously good reading material.