Monday, January 11, 2010

Unemployment makes me boring

1. Last night at my parents house we were looking at a picture of my dad with his grandparents and cousins and he commented on how his grandma, who was just 5 years older in the picture than my dad is now, looked so old. I said that one of the reasons why women looked so much older back then was because they didn't dye their hair. So they didn't actually look older, they just looked their age. This led to us having to break the news to my dad that practically every woman he knows dyes her hair. He started listing off women we know.

"So and so?"
"Okay, but she doesn't"
"She absolutely does."
"What about her?"
"It's pretty obvious."

His mind was officially blown.

2. I've spent some of my ample leisure time watching movies.

3. I have a hard time just sitting and watching movies so I multitask. Which means that I now have a nicely organized desk and all of my crayons are in rainbow color order. This afternoon I am planning on doing the same to the World's Largest Felt Collection.

4. A while ago I made the request of you to stir and let me know which direction you go. And then Deb make the observation that people generally stir and write their O's in the same direction, which is true for me, counterclockwise. And I want to know if it's true for you as well. So, do you make your O's the same direction you begin your stir? Remember, this is for science.


The Cahoons! said...

Hey Rachel, I make by O's and stir counterclockwise. I had to think a lot about the stirring one though. I always switch back and forth, but start counterclockwise.

Speaking of the World's Largest Felt Collection, you have to check this out.
I hope I haven't already sent this to you because whenever I think of felt I always 1. think of you, 2. think that you have to see this felt house! I just had to make sure you saw it! :)

Phil is in the same unemployment boat as you, no good.

Andrea said...

Nope. I stir clockwise and write my O's counterclockwise. But I'm weird like that. I also right with my right hand but kick with my left foot.

Amanda said...

I'm with Andrea...except that I kick with my right foot.

Amanda said...

Also, I was having the hair coloring conversation with John during General Conference. I know, I know, I'm going to hell. But, I was mentioning each woman (that didn't actually have white hair) colored their hair. John too, was amazed.

Stephanie said...

I make my "o" counter-clockwise. I stir clockwise. Does that make me a multi-tasker? Or just able to use both sides of my brain or something.

I think it just makes me weird.

Brooke said...

I stir clockwise and write my Os counter-clockwise. Weird, huh?

colleeeen said...

Your Dad is such a kind soul. Ever since the infamous earring guideline, I have said that if the brethren come down against hair dye they risk a mature lady revolution.

I never bothered to test my stirring, but my o's are fer sure clockwise.

Mom said...

I stir clockwise, make my O's counter clockwise. I think I do the O's counter because that is how I learned in cursive writing...counter with a loop on top.

Tammy said...

I am definitely a counterclockwise stirrer I tried clockwise and it just felt all wrong, but writing my "0" goes back and forth between clockwise and counterclockwise

The Katzbox said...

And thus enters the "observer effect", which can have deleterious effects on our stringent scientific method. I suggest we sneak up on people who don't know what we're up to (they'll be our "control" group) and provoke them into making zeros or the letter "o" and watch what direction it is. Also, you must know what hand is dominant. Then, get them to make you pudding and watch them stir. Make note which direction they go and see if it matches the direction of the "o". As you're doing the dishes with them, watch to see if they're wiping the dishes clockwise or counter-clockwise. If they tend to be ambidextrous, they may go back and forth. If they are strongly dominant, the theory should hold. If they're part alien, they'll levitate while stirring. If you want company, invite me to have pudding with you so I can explain the scientific method more extensively.

Anyway, the observer effect does, indeed, influence the outcome...pudding aside....

Rachel, the last thing you are is boring...

And now may be the time to make those felt creations!!! Einstein maybe?

Chris said...

Clockwise O's, counterclockwise stirring.

Chris said...

Nope, reverse that...I'm having a dyslexic day today.

Rach said...

Counter-clockwise o, clockwise stirring (I made pudding last night and noticed my stirring while doing it). I have been dying for some movie reviews from you, so I'm really glad you have been watching them. I have known you for a while, and boring is never a word that I've thought of to describe you. Hilarious, witty, insightful, kind, and creative are all true. But never boring.

teresa p said...

I write my o's counter-clockwise.

When I'm done working for "the season" feel free to come watch movies and knit/crochet/whatever at my house. My Netflix Queue has been bulging for a while now and I'm pretty excited to have some leisure time.

colleeeen said...

I meant my o's are COUNTERclockwise. Oh, my idiocy!

Angela Noelle said...

1. This conversation sounds a LOT like a conversation I had with my husband (then fiance) during our engagement. I had proposed we go look at wedding bands, and he eyed me with amusement, as though I'd made a joke. I then discovered this man had somehow concluded that only women wore wedding rings. Perhaps snatches of movies he'd witnessed with proposals suggested that that was all the ring-exchanging that went on? Regardless of where his belief came from;

"No, that's impossible. No man I know wears a wedding ring"
"So and so does"
"Absolutely. Look."
"Not him - surely!"
"Him too"
"I can't believe it"
"Believe it, buddy"

4. I do them in different directions. My O is counter-c. but I feel like I can put more muscle into a stir if I go clockwise.

Patti said...

I can stir in either direction and even switch hands when my left hand (dominant) gets tired. In writing, my o's are counter-clockwise. I think for the same reason as what your mom gave.
Ask your dad if he thinks I look old (from what he can remember). I don't color my hair. He probably remembers me as Patti Rosener.