Friday, February 5, 2010

She can reach things on the top shelf

My family has a joke that if you have bad news you had better wait until Katie's birthday to give it because that's when all bad news seems to come. We joke about it, because it's almost comical how often it happens, and oh how we laugh - until the next February 4th rolls around and tragedy actually does strike.

So, needless to say, yesterday was a bit of a weeper. It wasn't a total bust because we got some great news at the end, but it was a day full of intermittent tears.

Poor Katie, right?

So, I think we need to have a giveaway. Because what is cheerier than a give away?

How about a Mr. T bookmark. Mostly because I really like making them. In honor of Katie's birthday you can enter by leaving a comment telling us what your favorite thing about Katie is, and if you don't know Katie, you can make something up. You have until Monday at noon.


This is entirely unrelated but does anyone in my area have the Percy Jackson books and if so, may I borrow them? Too many people have recommended them to me to ignore. I'm back on the Book Buying Moratorium so that's not an option and neither the Upland Library nor the entire LA County Library system have them. I have also checked out book swapping sites and can't find them anywhere. It's smells of conspiracy. As an incentive, when I borrow a book I like to send it back with a bookmark.


The Katzbox said...

Katie...I really enjoyed the time Katie and I took horseback riding lessons together. She was so funny when she teased me about how I kept falling off and then SHE was the one who fell off. She couldn't help it, her horse was so mischievous, I guess that's why it was named "Big Ornery".

Anyway, if by chance I win, please give Mr T. to Katie. I think it's the least I can do for all the fun we've had together.

Katie, we've actually never met. That's just a fun make-believe memory. Rachel said we could do that. Blame her. :)

Really, if I win, give it to Katie.


camille said...

Excellent idea. Well, my favorite thing about Katie is her drive. When she gets her mind on something she will just do it. Whatever it takes. And a lot of other things but I don't want to fill up this whole comment page. She's a FABULOUS sister.

Taryn said...

I would be happy to have a Mr. T bookmark and everyday time I see it I will think of you and of course Katie.

Anna said...

My favorite thing about Katie is that she endures the torturous Bad News Birthday each and every year.

Is it obvious I don't know her?

I'm really here for Mr. T.

Laura said...

I don't have room to list all my favorite things about Katie. I will tell one of my favorite recent memories. A couple of years ago we both discovered that we both have always wanted to try making rack of lamb. And so...Lambapalooza was born. She came over to cook and we were having a good time. We both got VERY in to our performance of N Sync's Bye Bye Bye and then Katie cut herself and "supervised" the rest of the cooking. Aside from the blood, we had such a fun time cooking and laughing and rockin' out!

Heath said...

I love Katie because she is not only amazingly fun and talented, she is also super humble about it all. And she makes me (and I'm sure every one else) feel special and important--who wouldn't love that?

Happy Birthday Katie--sorry you always get bad news. I wonder if it's because the cosmic forces are trying to balance out the really good news of your birth...

Amanda said...

Things I love about Katie:
1) You are so kind. You don't say mean things about other people, but when I gossip and say mean things, you don't make me feel bad, you just smile that smile that says 'I of course agree with you, but can't say so.'
2)You are committed and loyal.
3)You make everything more fun. I feel like you should come over right now because I'm about to do a new workout video and I'm sure you would make it much more enjoyable.
4)This one is for Joan: you are 'the tall, elegant one.'
and last but not least
5)Creme brulee!!!!!
So many more wonderful things about you, but now I have to beg for a bookmark.

Rachel, I'm hoping the stars are aligned this time!!

Andrea said...

Can I just copy Amanda's list? Because really, I was about to say the same things. Katie is so genuinely nice, she makes you feel good just being around her. I love how when it's somebody's birthday she'll ask them their favorite moments from the past year. I have never heard her say something bad about anyone.

Taylor Family said...

Katie is patient with brain-missing people like me when she's asked a at least 3 separate times about babysitting my nephews ("No", she replies, while smiling sweetly and telling me again that you probably did). And, she just has a way of making a person feel NOT brain-missing:)

P.S.- We have the 1st book in the Percy Jackson series, and that would at least get you started. Give me a call.

Valerie said...

I have the first one, the other few I borrowed. But, I'll send it, right away.
Also, I like that Katie's always (or, generally) up for anything. "Sound of Music" sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl? Why not?

Stephanie said...

I love Katie. Always have, always will. I tend to love good people - and Katie is good people. Right down to her ever-smiling self. I second and give a hearty "hear-hear" (or is it "here-here?) to everything that everyone else has said.

Since I have already won something amazing, I also want to give my Mr. T to Katie. Yep - she's THAT awesome!

teresa p said...

I don't know Katie very well but every time I see her she's been very nice to me. And she's seen me at some pretty rough times (aka Dance Festival practices). Every time I see her I think she has the most amazing eyes, so pass that on to her for me.

I think Kirsten has the Percy Jackson books. They're on my "to buy" list and I could probably be persuaded to moving them to the top in exchange for borrowing the rest of the Georgia books for you. I've got to get an ab workout in somehow and I find those books are the best way (i.e. laughing).

Rach said...

It has been years since I've seen Katie, but here's what I remember about her: When you guys lived in the green house, I came over to visit, and it was like being in a giant Knecht hug from both sides, because Katie was super nice to me. And there was some sort of desserts of the United States theme going on, and she had just made a Mississippi Mud Cake. Also, I remember her sweet dance moves to Rock Lobster.

I've never heard of those books, but if I come across them at DI, I'll pick them up for you.

colleeeen said...

I don't know about a FAVORITE aspect of Katie - I guess I'd have to say she's a Chino Knecht and I never met a Chino Knecht who wasn't awesome. No, make that AWESOME. In bigger font.

Tammy said...

When I think about Katie I sigh and look up to the heavens and smile because she is just so amazing. She always greets people with a big smile and her blue eye twinkle with care.

Katie said...

Thanks everyone for your kind memories! You are all too sweet and I wish I could give you all a big hug. So go ahead -- hug yourself right now. This definitely helped make up for the sad birthday.

And Katzbox -- I still have the scar from falling off that horse!

Chris said...

I read the whole Percy Jackson series and loved them.

My favorite thing about Katie: She'll do the "Running Man" or the "Roger Rabbit" when she hears an inspiring song (anything by Will Smith).