Friday, November 19, 2010

An American Treasure

Thanks to the Armed Forces Nextwork we get all sorts of American shows here.  Usually airing just a day after they air in the States.  It is a miracle.  Plus, the commercials are a riot.  They don't show regular ads.  They show military spots about recognizing the signs of depression, how to avoid identity theft, what not to do when you're in a new country, how to talk to your kids about moving to a new country, what to do after your military service is up, and messages from generals and the Secretary of Defense (who certainly did not get to where he is by his ability to read a prompter.)  That all sounds kind of dull, right?  Wrong!  Because they don't use actors in these spots.  They use military personnel.  Oh, they're great.  They're stiff and awkward and they're always glancing at the camera and you just know that it was their dream to be an actor ever since they played Kinicki in their high school production of Grease.  I will miss them.

Thanks to the miracle of AFN we get America's Next Top Model.  Every Thursday night Bronwyn and our friend Aimee and I have a girls night and watch it along with Survivor (note:  I don't normally watch Survivor but we got hooked onto this season because it is TV Gold!  There are some serious characters on this season.)  But I've missed ANTM for the last 3 weeks because it was right in the midst of my Sahara/Rome laundry repacking whirlwind, then last week was some sort of Veteran's Day special and this week was bunco.  And we cannot miss bunco.  (And if I had missed bunco last night I would have missed the bacon wrapped dates.  Come on over, I'll make them for us.)  But another miracle is iTunes.  So I downloaded last nights episode because I need my Tyra fix.  And boy did I get it.  She made her directorial debut!  She directed the girls in a fashion video that is so very Tyra.  It's all crazy, crazy, and more crazy.  I love her.  She is an American Treasure.


Rach said...

Oh how I loved Wednesday's episode. The huge amounts of hair flipping and the mascara tears were my favorite parts. I can't WAIT for Anne on the runway. TV magic.

The Katzbox said...

*open mouth stare*

When I first saw the arches and ceiling, I thought, "VEGAS!!!", but the topography said, "no". It was very weird, almost a trailor for a weird haunting-type of movie. Oh Tyra...we love you.

Tammy said...

oh my i am dizzy from all that spinning the camera did, that was weird.

Stephanie said...

I am not watching ANTM this season - for no other reason than I forget how awesome Tyra is. I will need to catch up to the crazy.