Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for Pie and Other Things

1.)  My flight from NY to LA was the longest flight in the history of all flights.  We could have flown to Mars and back with a side trip to the moon in the time it took us to get to LA.  And I was sitting next to Sprawly McSprawlster.  Mr. I Refuse to Be Contained In This Seat So Feel My Elbow Up In Your Ribcage for 87 Hours.  Mr. Also I'm Not Turning My Cell Phone Off So If We End Up In Zanzibar Just Suck It Up.  Mr. And Another Thing, I'm Going To Scroll Through Some Facebook Pictures of Skanky Girls I Know.  Boy, did I miss Maureen and Al.

2.)  Katie and Camille picked me up at the airport and had giant signs.  There are few things I love more than a public spectacle in my honor.  Sadly, I missed it all as I took a different route to the baggage claim.  But apparently they had people cheering for me for an hour and a half, including none other than Ben Savage from that classic 90's sitcom Boy Meets World.

3.)  As promised, we stopped at In-N-Out on the way home from the airport.  It was 12:15am on Thanksgiving.  I was thankful for my cheeseburger.

4.)  I did not sleep well when I got home, even after being awake for about 2 straight days.  But last night I slept for 11 hours - which is a record for me.  When I woke up I could have wept from the joy of it all.

5.)  After we finished Thanksgiving dinner we got a surprise at the door:  The Blessed Nephews and their Parents!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me?!  Could you just die over this cuteness?

6.)  Hey, remember how I was supposed to have a drawing?  Well, I didn't forget.  I just have to travel around the world and eat pie and sleep the sleep of the dead.  So I'm pleased to announce the winner is...BOB!  His favorite Thanksgiving food is deep fried turkey slathered in gravy and to that I say Amen, Brother!  Have you had deep fried turkey?  Knights of Columbus!  It's the food of kings.  Email me, Bob, with your address and what B-List celebrity you would like on a bookmark.

7.)  Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe is back in business so if you'd like a bookmark or something else that is felty and funny head on over.  I'll get it to you before Christmas.  Pinky Promise.

8.)  I'm sitting at my desk and looking out at the blue sky and the mountains I've looked at my entire life that are covered in snow and sunshine and I can't even express how much it thrills me to be back home.  This adventure has been phenomenal but gosh, I've missed this place.


The Katzbox said...

Glad you're home...and safe...and not married to a date farmer.


And yes, the nephews, they are ze cuteness...


Jayne said...

Rachel, I'm glad you are home safe. But I"m sad your travels are over. I LOVED reading them, you have made me laugh more than you know.
I can even relate to the guy you set next to on the plane ride home.

your blog is my favorite.
Happy Trails to you.

Anonymous said...

In-n-out. Mmm. Jealous. Glad you're home safe and sound.

Rach said...

First of all, welcome back. I'm singing "America" by Neil Diamond in your honor. Second, double yuck on the Sprawly McSprawler. Horrid! Especially on the longest flight ever. Third, we have deep fried turkey every year, and you're right, it's the food of kings. We had it this year, and it was glorious. Fourth, I'm still thinking about what I want from your Etsy shop. I'm going to come up with something...probably involving Wonder Woman. Welcome back to the US of A.

Valerie said...

Are you just screwing with me on that Ben Savage thing? Because if not, you may have just rocked my world.

Also, remind me to tell you what I do with people who encroach on my personal space (be it in line at the store or sitting on a plane). Unsurprisingly, my reaction is completely overblown and childish.