Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can't wait for July!

I saw Harry Potter tonight and LOVED IT.  A lot.

There was a guy who was sitting a few seats down from me and anytime anything remotely exciting or dangerous or scary came on the screen he would say, "Oh, boy.  Oh no."  And start to fret and fidget.  It was hilarious.  Mostly because he was saying and acting exactly the way I was feeling inside.

Also, there was a women who was laughing to the point of wheezing at the preview for the Yogi Bear movie.  I have never felt so dejected about the human race than I did right then.  I took a long hard slug of my Icee and tried to face the world again.  Thanks to Harry Potter for bringing me out of that brief but deep funk.


samandholly said...

Dejection at the prospects for the human race is a frequent feeling when we go to movies, not that we go more often than every other year! When we watch the previews, Holly and I look at each other and ask, "What special brand of loser is this marketed toward?"

Valerie said...

Yeah, that Yogi Bear, that's rough. It just seems...I don't know, like things are getting worse and worse.

But that movie, oh, that movie. It's my life. I saw it at midnight when it came out (did I mention that), and everyone was IN IT to WIN IT. It was annoying at first, but, really, I loved how emotive it was to be an audience member.

Oh, and the one exception I mentioned on my blog? When Harry and Hermione get naked. I mean, they're supposed to kiss, the rest seems fine, but what the crap? It wasn't so much that they were naked, it's that I don't like the feeling I'm being baited. You know? Like they're being provocative for the sake of getting a reaction.