Thursday, December 16, 2010


The felt.  Oh, the felt.  Oh, the hours and hours and hours I spend looking at the felt.  And cutting the felt.  And stitching the felt.  With my fingers that are now nicked and ripped by needles.  This is what the felt makes me look like at the end of the long nights of work.

(Side note:  Isn't Camille's head gloriously large in this picture?  I'm a little jealous.)

But all the cross-eyed-ness has paid off because there have been a few masterpieces from the felt.  I can only show you this one though:

Remember Bob?  How he won a bookmark of his choice?  Yeah, he chose Yoda.  Which instantly makes me think he is a man of Taste and Wisdom.  Speaking of Bob, did you know that his brother has also won a bookmark from this blog?  If I were you I'd start formulating conspiracy theories.

In unrelated news:  I feel like we had a very healthy debate on the merits of certain Hershey's Miniatures.  Using my scientific super brain (or, you know, a pen and some scratch paper) I crunched the numbers and came up with the following data:

You like

1.  Krackle
2.  Milk
3.  Mr. Goodbar
4.  Special Dark

Hm.  Weird.  But we can't refute the data.  Feel free to mail me any left over Special Dark you have hanging out in your candy jar.


Camille said...

Oh my sweet heaven! Enough about my large head, we all know its large...look at my eyes, they are going to pop out. My left eye is taking over my face in this picture. Good thing I'm secure with my beauty and not embarrassed at all by this picture! :D

Andrea said...

Here's a strange yo think you could make a felt creation of Ted Nugent. It's kind of an inside joke with Andrew and his old roommate. I bet you haven't gotten a request for that one before!

dad said...

Here is the real final tally:
1. Dark
4. All else
I think we can end this discussion

Rach said...

That picture is glorious. And Yoda is perfectly crafted. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel bad I missed the miniatures debate. I would have chosen dark and goodbar in that order, and brought them both to the top of the list.

Also, it's clear that there is a bookmark conspiracy now. I always had my suspicions, but now it is painfully obvious. Maybe we can start another tv show like that Rubicon.

Anonymous said...

Laneys like felt. You're welcome.