Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old Friends New Friends

1.)  Old Friend

Little Rachel (I tower over her by two whole inches!), my old college roommate and one of my all-time most beloved friends was in town fighting the crowds at Disneyland all week with her family.  They took a break from the fun and met me at Downtown Disney for dinner.  (Motto:  we're not Disneyland but we're close and our food is just as expensive and mediocre.)

Fun Fact:  (And there is a connection here)  I rarely throw up.  RARELY.  Because I hate it.  So much.  In fact, I have only done it 3 times in the last 12 years.  The first time was hours after I returned from Rac's wedding.  The second was hours after enjoying a visit with Rac during a family reunion up in Utah.*  We risked getting together last year for lunch and that time is was poor Rac's turn.  We barely made it 30 minutes before she lost it all.  So I was a little hesitant to suggest dinner because we're clearly cursed.  Especially considering her long drive back today.  But we live on the edge.  We had a great time and picked up where we left off (minus the barfing), like we were back at Moon Apartments painting our toe nails and watching reruns of the Love Boat.  And I am happy to report that it has been 24 hours and we have checked in with each other and we're both healthy as two healthy things.  Hooray!  Thanks Rachel & Fam for hanging out with me!

2.)  New Friends

Katie and Camille have these friends, Hayley, Heidi and April:

Sisters!  Aren't they cute!  I had never met them but they read this blog which is how I got myself an invitation to breakfast this morning with them and my sisters at the Avocado House.  What?  You haven't been to the Avocado House yet?  Because why?  People of Chino and Surrounding Cities:  Go to the Avocado House, order the cinnamon swirl French toast with caramel sauce.  Yeah, you read that right.  Caramel sauce.  You'll want to hug people after your first bite.

Where was I?  Right, new friends.  So, it's always a little weird for me to meet people who read this blog.  Because I'm socially awkward and there's a good reason why I write what I have to say rather than actually say it out loud.  I can edit this.  But those girls are super fun and we bonded over our loud families and large heads and our love of breakfast food.  Thanks for being my new BFFs ladies!

*The third was in Tozeur, Tunisia, praying that I would not die alone on the floor of a bathroom in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  Oh that was hours and hours and hours and hours (so many hours) of fun.


Anonymous said...

Socially awkward? Pa-ha! Just remember you are the Paris (maybe Nikki) of Chino. So glad I finally got to meet my BFF (who now knows me)... hope I didn't act too star struck! :)

Stacy said...

If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room.

Rach said...

I'm so glad we chanced the stomach flu, because it was fantastic to see you again! And now, 2 days later, my stomach's as calm as a cucumber. Wait, that's not the saying. The point is, no barfing! The curse has been broken! Either that or the curse only exists on Utah soil. We'll just have to meet in California every year. And maybe next time I come we can go to the Avocado House, because that sounds fantastic!

Andrea said...

When I first started reading this post and saw the picture of you and your friend Rachel I was worried that you had gotten sick again. I'm so glad you didn't! Yay for old and new friends and for not barfing!

Camille said...

Stacy, I might have laughed outloud to your comment. And I will be a witness to the cinnamon swirl french toast with caramel sauce, since it was my plate you were eating off of. I had beautiful dreams about that last night. Beautiful sweet dreams!

Cathy said...

Mmmm. The Avocado house also has memorable breakfast tacos. Yum. Friends always make food taste good - even when the food is already excellent.

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Yeah BEST FRIEND, so I have never felt so famous because I made it onto one of your posts! But we are BFF now so I sure hope my big head is up there! Mine is way bigger too after looking at you and your friends, I WIN!

And NOT being a caramel fan I do have to second that notion that you do want to HUG or KISS someone after a bite of that!

Excited for our next adventure! We had a BLAST!

Amanda said...

LOL I came to your site just because a friend of mine is researching domain names (her name is Rachel and her current blog is "because I said so" ... that's the short version!) and straight from your top post we've got heaps in common. (1) I can tell you each of the very rare times I've thrown up since I was a teenager til today (I hate it too. Think I'm going to choke to death. Thought I was weird but glad I'm not the only one who can recount their lifetime vomit history) and (2) obviously you have travelled in Tunisia, it's one of the best backpacking trips I've ever done, so I'm going to have to search through your blog now and find lots more stuff to read! So ... pleased to meet you!!