Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Queen's Handbag

There are many  reasons why I love the Queen.  Like how she was a mechanic in the war, and how she's not all up in our faces about being the queen (like I would be, "What do you mean you're putting me on hold?  I'm the QUEEEEEEEEN!!!")  But probably my favorite thing about her is that she always has a sensible handbag with her.  Think I'm joking?  She took one to the state dinner tonight:

She also had one when they first met up.  (Sidenote:  Close call, Michelle.  You totally almost flashed Prince Phillip!)

Please note that it's not a clutch or some other elegant or diminutive purse.  It's an old lady handbag.  The 80 year old in me can relate to this habit of hers.  A clutch isn't going to hold everything you might need while you're out inspecting troops and christening naval vessels.  I'm sure she has any number of ladies in waiting who can hold her lip balm for her, so I appreciate that she's sensible enough to know that a gals got to have immediate access to certain items.

Let's guess what's inside, shall we?

1.)  A bag of safety pins
2.)  The aforementioned lip balm
3.)  Altoids
4.)  An assortment of snacks, like Swedish Fish and those mini tubes of Pringles
5.)  A hanky with her initials on it
6.)  A picture of her corgis
7.)  A cell phone that would only be used to call the Prime Minister to send the troops off to war
8.)  An extra pair of hose
9.)  A retractable sword, for impromptu knighting
10.)  A dog-earred copy of Twilight
11.)  A couple of the crown jewels, just because she can

Anymore guesses?


Mariah said...

I LOVE your suggestions. I can't think of anything else you haven't covered.

Mariah said...
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Chris and Gina said...

The funny thing about this post is that I can actually hear your giggling while typing. :)

Laura said...

I think she also has a mini notepad and pen. That way she can pass notes mocking others while she's at some official dinner or something.

Rach said...

I love the list. It's perfect. And hilarious. I've never understood the whole clutch concept. Impractical and annoying. So good job to the Queen for being on the practical side.

Andrea said...

I think it's safe to say she doesn't have to worry about carrying around party favors anymore.

Ms. Liz said...

You know she has a cute little lady's pistol in there too because she's awesome like that and you just never know

Also I would hope she'd have:

a mini-tube of sunscreen (one can never be too careful with that English skin)

a metal engraved compact and powder (because a lady never leaves the house without hers - I know I don't)

A posh and engraved extra pen (also because you never know)

An extra set of white gloves

some regal lippy - in a matching metal case to her compact and pen I dearly hope

band aids and some extra bags of her favorite tea (in case someone forgets)

Bliss' said...

I heard somewhere that the Queen moves her purse to her other arm to signal she is finshed and wants to leave. Notice in the pictures that it is always on her left arm. I curious if there is a pic with it on her right arm?

shawnaberger said...

I'm going with mace or a tazer for the last line of defense against crazy people.

Stephanie said...

I'm sure she has something in there for the grandkids . . . root beer barrels or wads of cash or something.

samandholly said...

Would her monogram be QE2?

Anonymous said...

What queen leaves home without her Mastercard? I'd also submit handwipes and/or sanitizer, even with perpetual gloves. Dirty Brits.