Monday, January 6, 2014

Leisure Week This and That

Oh, poor neglected blog.  It's not like I've been ignoring you, it's just that I've been too busy lounging and my laptop is heavy. And not having to prepare a seminary lesson every night kind of went to my head.  I could read more than one chapter in a book before falling asleep. Or watch two episodes of Chuck IN A ROW! It was the Life of Elegant Leisure every day!

So here's some stuff:

1.  A true Knecht New Year's Eve involves staying in.  If I ever write on here that I went out that means I was abducted and am being forced to type lies. There's also probably a very large ransom.  Alert the Wealthy Benefactor! So we stayed in and we painted. For real.

2.  Back to seminary this morning.  I've missed those kids, even the ones who just sit there doing their best impressions of a pile of marshmallows wearing hoodies.

3.  It's also nice to have students back at the Institute because the weeks of Christmas break are a huge drag. It's great to work on bigger projects uninterrupted but there were several times where I'd look out into the empty building and sigh and then contemplate whether or not to play air hockey with myself.

4.  Does anyone else feel like you have to have chocolate in your mouth at all times throughout the holidays? Like if you're not eating chocolate at every moment of the day the Magic of the Season has died and it's all your fault?  Well, this is how I have felt so don't worry, I saved Christmas for you and yours by eating all the chocolate.  This has proven challenging for Day 1 of Stop Eating Like a Garbage Disposal, Rachel: I Mean, Why Don't You Eat a Carrot or Something.

5.  Speaking of which, I was at the gym last week on the stair climber and the girl next to me finished up and said, "You look great up there, girl!  You keep it up!" and I may or may not (may) have burst into tears because if there is one thing you need to hear when you're on that stair climber is that you don't look like the sweaty, blotchy, crazy-eyed monster you're staring at in the enormous mirror in front of you.  Why with the mirrors!?! Also, thanks, Lady.  You're my new hero.


Camille said...

Can that lady come to my gym and cheer me on?

Rach said...

I, too, had chocolate in my mouth every moment of the Christmas season. I'm trying to like the taste of healthy food again. Also, that lady at the gym is solid gold.

Laura said...

Those paintings are amazing! I mean, I already knew your family members were all super talented in so many ways...but the paintings just make you all even MORE amazing (if that's possible)!!

Also, I totally understand what you mean about the chocolate. I can't seem to stop. And as for the garbage disposal comment - I get it. A few days ago, I thought - I am a bottomless pit...I am eating stuff I don't even want...stale cookies even...why? STOP!!! I need a veggie!

sarahgurl said...

I want to buy some of those paintings!!

Amanda said...

I love this post and your blog and I miss you! When, oh, when are you coming to Texas? This week is not great. The temps have been in the 20's. We'll be in the 40's today but I am still sitting on a heating pat, cause Oh my aching hips!!
Miss you and your entire wonderful family!

Valerie said...

Confession: I loose my head when people cheer me on during fitness attempts. Especially long runs. I came thisclose to crying during my first half marathon as I ran into the park on the last bit, and there was a woman there, clapping and shouting solid encouragement to everyone. I think the only thing that prevented me was the lack of any excess moisture in my body to produce tears.

Valerie said...

Anyway, keep it going, all of us. We ARE doing great.