Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yo bebo leche

1. Have you guys discovered DuoLingo?  It's a language learning app and it's FUN! You pick a language and it gives you little quizzes with basic vocabulary and conjugations.  I'm doing Spanish right now and so far I can say, "La mujer come la cebolla" and "Yo bebo leche." Both phrases are sure to come in handy.

2. Lindsay, Camille and I went to the El Capitan Theater on Friday for a Mary Poppins Sing-along.  (Do you get tired of hearing about all the sing-alongs I go to? Too bad.  I'm not stopping!  I love them!) First of all, Mary Poppins is a great sing-along movie because you know all the songs and they're really entertaining.  Particularly Sister Suffragette. And the El Capitan is a beautiful old movie theater in Hollywood that Disney bought and restored. We sat up in the balcony and ate popcorn and sang with gusto. I really love watching old movies that I've seen a million times with a large group of people.  It's nice to hear others laugh at the same parts you do.

3.  Speaking of movies, Katie, Allison and I went out to dinner last night with our friends, The Burkes, and then over to see their new home. Larry wanted us to experience the surround sound so he popped in Top Gun.  Holy Flashback!  I have not seen that movie since I was in high school.  And it was in German with no subtitles because Herr Baker would show it to us every year as a special treat. Remember how we all used to be in love with Tom Cruise and then he turned into a lunatic?

4.  It was dark and foggy when I left for seminary this morning.  In the distance I saw a lone figure, back lit by a streetlight, his shadow cutting dark lines through the fog.  He was lurching.  I think the whole fascination our culture has right now with zombies (and by extension, all things undead) is the Dumbest Thing Ever.  And I truthfully don't know anything about them other than they eat brains and they lurch.  What I saw this morning was straight out of a zombie horror flick.  It could not have been more perfectly staged if Spielberg was there directing it.


Rach said...

We watched Mission: Impossible last night. I was thinking the exact same thing about Tom Cruise. He really was super hot and it was fun to enjoy him before we all found out he was completely bananas. Same goes for Val Kilmer.

I don't get the whole zombie thing either, but I loved Warm Bodies. Other than that, I'm really not interested in freaking myself out about yet another supernatural monster. But I would have freaked out if I saw what you saw. (I have seen Zombieland, so I know how to dispatch a zombie using garden tools. However, it wouldn't be my first choice.)

It is my number one goal to go to a sing-along with you.

sarahgurl said...

I never get tired of anything you write about and in fact get a little antsy waiting for your next post!