Friday, January 10, 2014

Maybe blepharitis

There's something up with my right eyelid.  There's been a small dry patch on it for about a month, and now it's a little pink and swollen.  My eyeball is fine so I don't think it's conjunctivitis or shingles (so help me, if it's shingles I'll DIE!!!!)(Also, 38 is turning into the Year of Weird Skin Stuff.  What's next? Scabies? Impetigo? Leprosy? Sweet Land of Liberty!  What if it's leprosy?) Obviously I'm going to wait until it grows a mouth and starts shouting at me before I go to a doctor to have it checked out but for now I'm just doing moisturizing and not wearing make-up.

I don't have a problem going out in public without make-up on.  But I normally don't.  I almost always have on at least mascara. And for work I put on a little shadow and liner.  But today I don't have any of that and I'm prepared to hear, "Are you okay?  You look really tired."  I have squinty eyes, okay! Why don't you just back off!

Naturally I took to the internet to see if I could figure out what is going on and I came across this:

  • Blepharitis – The inflammation of the eye margin mostly caused by a bacterial infection or a skin disorder.

Okay, that's a funny word, right?  Go ahead and say it out loud.  Hilarious! I think it's just eczema (I get it sometimes in the winter) but that won't stop me from hoping for this conversation:

"What's up with your eye?"

"I don't know.  Maybe blepharitis."


sarahgurl said...

I was at the Dr yesterday with my 5 year old who had a big red hot to the touch spot on her ankle. The dr said," could be nothing could be a staph infection, heres antibiotics I"ll call and check on her tomorrow. " uuhhh, ok? I"ve never seen anything like it so it IS the year of weird skin conditions

Rach said...

Blephartis. Hah!