Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So long

Sad news from Las Brisas.

Flo (former apartment manager and owner of the best pair of 80 year old legs) died on Monday.  She was old and sick and we knew it was coming but it still breaks my heart a little. I know a lot of you former Las Brisians read this and I thought you'd like to know.  Tonight you can raise a glass to the old girl (quietly because this is not one of those tenement houses, honey.) and reminisce about all the times she told you to fix your own shower.  She was a great gal. What would we do without all of our Flo stories?


DOUG said...

Doug really liked Flo, her calls to him were sometimes epic. She was a sweet lady and I am glad she is out of pain.

Mindie said...

Oh that's so sad! She was a Las Brisas icon.