Monday, February 17, 2014


I took a quick road trip to Arizona to visit Cynde, Ryan, and Royce for the weekend.  Royce is the tallest 17 month old on the planet.  He also says, "Hey!" when you walk into a room in a very heart-melting way.  When you wave to him he does not wave back. He just stares at you until you leave and then, long after you can't see him, he waves. Like he will not give you the satisfaction of seeing him miss you. So it was a real victory for me that when I got into the car to drive off he waved and blew me a kiss.  Score one for the Godmother!

I took Cynde, Ryan, and the The Godfather Alan to the Gilbert temple open house.  I think it's such a huge deal that the church opens up temples to the community before dedicating them.  It's a great way to say, "Hey, look! We're not the mysterious weirdos you've always thought we were. It's a pretty building where we do nice things." Cynde and Ryan live just a few miles from the temple so I really wanted them to be able to see it. As expected, it was gorgeous. And huge! Maybe I've just been attending little Redlands temple for so long now that I've forgotten that it's one of the small ones. Enjoy it, good people of Gilbert!

There are few things I love more than a solo road trip.  Five hours is plenty of time to plan out elaborate schemes or sing all the Abba songs you know by heart. One of the things I like most about myself is that I'm very self-entertaining.  I never get bored.  I don't need distractions. So it wasn't that big of a deal to me when I pulled out my iPod and realized that I had forgotten to charge it. I'm really good at having very long conversations with myself. What are your feelings on long solo road trips?

On the drive home I saw a license plate that said, "MALADY1" This obviously was a gift to a wife that was either very gallant or very mean. I hope it was the first and that they had a great laugh once they realized what it really said.


Rach said...

I'm glad you were able to take your friends to the temple open house. Our temple will be rededicated later this year, and I'm looking forward to the open house so I can grab a few friends and walk through it.

I have never been on a solo road trip. I fantasize about it all the time. The closest I've come is when we've driven through the night and I'm the driver and the only one awake. Last time I was loaded with caffeine and spent the 5 hours I drove coming up with lists of songs I'd perform if I were on American Idol, a list of chapter titles if I wrote my life story, movies I need to watch again, and ways to organize my house. That last list just about put me to sleep, so I circled back around to American Idol. One of these days I am going to jump in my car and take a solo road trip to your house, Rachel. And then I can see what it's like without the occasional yell from the back of the van, asking if we're there yet.

Cynde said...

It was a wonderful weekend together! So glad you shared it with us. The temple is, indeed, beautiful and I felt so very lucky to have had that experience with you, sis. And, you have certainly stolen the heart of a little guy in Arizona. Royce went into the guest room yesterday afternoon after his nap and this morning, looking for Auntie Rachey.

I love solo trips...singing to the radio, making up my own songs, thinking of funny poetry, thinking up schemes for fabulous vacations, etc. It can be so invigorating to spend quality time with yourself.

Watch out for those weird looking duck-like birds!

Andrea said...

You were here? I 'll let it slide this time but next time you better let me know! Did you see my folks? They've been working at the open house. I'm glad you were able to come see it!