Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tacos and the Olympics

Camille, Katie and I went over to the Appels last night to eat tacos and watch the Olympics.  Tacos AND the Olympics? This is clearly a match made in heaven.

1.  What can we do about Bob Costas' eyes? He's a national treasure and we need him back in his ice palace gently mocking things.  If only to save us from Matt Lauer.  Ugh! There is not a single more insufferable human being on the planet than Matt Lauer and if Bob's eye business keeps up then we'll have to endure several nights of watching Matt cross his legs and slouch.  I can't handle it.  Who would like to join me in a candlelight vigil?

2.  Is Alex Bilodeau your new favorite olympian?  Because he sure is mine.  First his mogul run last night was amazing. He totally smuckered that last trick! (Did I use is correctly? Valerie came up with a suitable explanation for it: he stuck the landing, with jam. Although when was the last time you got stuck with jam?) And second, there is nothing better than a heart-warming brother story. He seems like a totally gracious and talented kid.

3.  Heartbreak City:  in the final race of a speed skating competition last night this guy crossed the finish line, looked up and saw that he was first. And the look on his face was shock and total joy. And then 10 seconds later the scoreboard changed and showed that there was a timing error and he got second place by 1/100th of a second. Cut back to him in tears. Devastating!

4.  Here's the reason why all those cross-country skiers collapse at the end of the race.  And you thought they were just tired.  It's science!

5. In the spirit of canoe dancing, here's ski ballet, which was an exhibition sport in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics.  Let's bring this back!!!!


Andrea said...

At first I was annoyed that NBC was showing so many spotlight stories about athletes from different countries, but after seeing Alex Bliodeau's story I was a fan. I'm so happy he got the gold again and I loved watching his brother. Oh and that speed skater? Tragic. I felt horrible for him! How can we bring back ski ballet?

Taryn said...

Totally cried during the Alex segment. He totally is my favorite and not to bad on the eyes.:) Speaking of eyes, what is with Bob costas and his eyes? Does he have a crazy pink eye infection? Poor guy probably can't get good medicine in Mother Russia. I truly cannot believe that there used to be ski ballet. Out of control I tell ya.

Laura said...

I cannot handle the gold lame' sleeves on that guy!

Rach said...

I bet Bob Costas washed his face in the poison Russian water. My favorite part of the ski ballet was the comment, "Will you look at those sleeves!" You know it's time to pep up your routine or tame down the outfit when the commentators run out of things to say about your skiing.