Monday, February 10, 2014

Smuckered the landing

Happy Olympics, everyone!!!

Once again the world comes together to play games.  It's just a beautiful thing.

Our Opening Ceremony party was a success.  We lit the torch, ate lots of really great food, and laughed with our friends.  And I thought the actual ceremony was a success as well.  I loved the War and Peace dancers and we all gasped when the torch was lit. Granted, we were with like-minded Olympics super fans, so gasping was bound to happen.

This will be the first of no doubt many posts about the Olympics so just sit tight. 

1.  On cross-country skiing:  KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS! Those people are super fit lunatics.  You know how I feel about just walking uphill. Who would want to trudge up a snowy hill for over an hour?  In spandex? With frozen snot coming out of your nose?  This is insanity!  And yet, it's one of my favorite things to watch.  I especially love when there's a sprint to the finish. And also when the people in the back of the pack still go all out and lunge across the finish line, even when they're in 30th place.  Go for the gold (in your heart!)

2.  On ski jumping: at one point the commentator said, "Boy, he really smuckered that landing." Smuckered? As in the jam? Did he mean smothered? That doesn't even make sense.  Can someone enlighten me as to what smuckering a landing entails and if it's good or bad.  I legitimately could not tell because in my book any landing that does not involve death is a successful one - smuckered or not. And naturally I have used that phrase at least a dozen times since hearing it.

3.  On this team figure skating business:  let me go on the record as saying it is a dumb idea. I guess I just don't see the point.  We already have so many nights of figure skating. Do we really need more?  And here is where I admit that I'm not a huge fan of figure skating.  Sure, it's pretty, and also impressive, but I can't handle sports with subjective scoring.  And there always seems to be so much drama swirling around it. It's the junior high mean girl of Olympic sports.


Rachel said...

I heart the Olympics so much. Thank you for your commentary, it is spot on! By the way what do you think happened to Bob Costa's eye? Did a rabid Sochi dog bite him?

regular grandma said...

I liked the Team Figure Skating. You got to see all the good skaters in a compressed amount of time. I now know who to watch for, and I fast forward through the others. Love your blog!