Thursday, February 27, 2014

I don't care. I'd like to go anywhere.

It's John Steinbeck's 112th birthday and Google Doodles put these up:

HOW DO I GET PRINTS OF THESE?!!! HOW?!!!!!! They need to be framed and hanging on a wall in my house immediately!!!! They're just so beautiful! Also, I would love something like this for all of my favorite books. Can someone make this happen please. I will pay you in chocolate chip cookies.

I don't always remember the circumstances of reading a book but I always remember them for Steinbeck.  He sticks with me. I read The Pearl in Mrs. Dallas' 7th grade English class and it made me feel like I had somehow crossed a line into real book territory. Of Mice and Men was in my Literature and Film class at BYU, and I cried like a baby through it. Travels with Charley came during a particularly hard case of wanderlust and then a few months later I headed off to Tunisia.  I read East of Eden while coming out of a rough patch and the weight and scope of it was a comfort.

What book quote would you put on a print? What would the picture be?


sarahgurl said...

Can't you just right click, save and print out at Costco? That's what I do!

Stacy said...

I'm not sure what quote or print I'd have. But while we're on the topic of Steinbeck, I recently read East of Eden and Of Mice and Men. Those books were life changing for me. He is masterful in his character development. He presents humanity in such a gritty, human, real way. Steinbeck has made me a book snob.

Rach said...

I wish my brain were functioning well enough to tell you which book and quote I'd choose. But now, as I'm reading, it will be on my mind. The next book I'm going to be reading is "Dad is Fat" by Jim Gaffagan. I'm sure I'll find something in there. I think I should read Steinbeck as an adult. I read The Pearl in junior high as well, and was extremely shocked, and Grapes of Wrath as a junior in high school, and was, again, shocked. I think I was too ditzy to really think too much at that point. Those are beautiful google doodles. I bet you can find a tutorial on how to mount them somehow so you can hang them up.

Angela said...

I'd be taken something from Jane Eyre, I to choose?!