Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Inclement Weather Art Society

It was a perfect morning for Art Society. Cold and rainy and lazy. It helps that having cocoa at every meeting, if desired, is in our bylaws. (Side note:  I am generally opposed to kitchen gadgets that take up too much space and do things that can easily be done using a more common tool. Like avocado scoops or mango cutters. Give me a break! You already have a spoon and a knife!! But the Cocomotion is genius and makes an appearance at nearly every Art Society. I know that you can make cocoa in a pot but this baby mixes and heats it up for you. And then will re-stir and reheat as desired. This is not a paid advertisement but if Mr. Coffee is reading this and wants to send me one I wouldn't say no.)

Heather wanted us to paint her some pictures to hang on her walls so the kids came with canvases and acrylics and brushes.  The Knecht New Years Eve Paint-fest was the first and only time I have painted so my skill level is pretty low but I watched several videos online and a life time of the Joy of  Painting with Bob Ross so I felt confident. And K and J came with pictures they wanted to do.

You should remember that I have Inclement Weather Paralysis and when it rains and is cold I can't bring myself to put on mascara or do my hair. So I look like a hobo. Or maybe like a consumptive artist. For the record, I did not sleep in those clothes. But that should actually surprise you.

K did the Omega Centari globular cluster (?!) and a snowflake, and J did the Walt and Mickey statue in front of the castle at Disneyland. And I did a tree. Because trees are easy and pretty. In between bouts of homework, Katie came out and touched up an abstract painting for her room.

True artists use up a lot of space


Don't you love how sometimes your blotter looks like art too.
Later we cuddled under blankets and watched Star Wars and ate popcorn. Art Society is my favorite!!

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Rach said...

We need to be neighbors. And now I feel like running to Michaels and buying some canvases and paint so my kids and I have something to get us through the winter (which is on holiday right now, but will, I'm sure, return with a vengeance). Those paintings are all fantastic. Also, I love Bob Ross. That is all.