Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bright Light City

Camille won tickets on the radio to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Las Vegas and a night at the Venetian Hotel.  Lindsay went to the concert with her but I tagged along because you never pass up an opportunity to get out of Dodge.

I believe that Las Vegas could go up in a blazing inferno and we'd all be the better for it. Good riddance, I say. It's ugly out there, and it's generally hot, and it doesn't matter how gilded the place is, it's still really trashy. The Venetian seems to be a lovely hotel and the rooms run for a few hundred dollars, but it still had stains on the couches and towels felt just like towels you would get at a Motel 6 and we were still next to a room full of drunk frat boys. But whatever, FREE! And it had a giant tub. And there's something magical about blackout curtains and lounging in bed until noon.

A few observations:

1.  There seem to be 3 options for men wanting to wear shorts:  plaid, neutral, or coral. Is there an ad running on ESPN that says to wear coral shorts? Because they were seriously everywhere. I'm not complaining, coral shorts are just fine. I just think it's cute that every guy seems to have a pair now.

2.  And do you know what every woman has? A Vegas Dress. What makes a dress a Vegas Dress is its size. It has to be two sizes too small so that your belly button is clearly outlined, it has to be about .5 centimeters below your butt, and it has to constantly ride up.  There's also a special dance that goes with the Vegas Dress: you tuck your clutch under your arm, you hold a drink in one hand and use your free hand to pull your dress down so you don't flash the casino, all while walking around on 6 in heels. The Vegas Dress is not for the faint of heart.

3.  I saw a lot of fanny packs. I absolutely love how they have never gone away. They're the cockroach of fashion.

4. Is there anything sadder than the people who make their living dressing up as super heroes and show girls for tourists to take pictures with on the strip? Maybe the tourists who take pictures with them?

5. The only worthwhile thing in Las Vegas is the garden in the Bellagio.  These are the only pictures I took because otherwise it would just be pictures of people walking around with those foot-long margarita cups. I know you'd rather see tulips.

Is Camille wearing coral shorts?!

6. Whenever I'm in Vegas I have a constant loop of Elvis songs in my head. Which is fine by me.
7. This has nothing to do with Las Vegas but have you seen that video of the little girl singing along with Elvis? Here. Make sure you watch to the end. And then you can die. 


Rach said...

I agree that Vegas is gross. And it's nice to know that even the fancy hotels have the old blah towels. I won't feel so deprived at the motel 6. I'm going to buy Tim some coral shorts tomorrow. They'll look stunning on the golf course. Lastly, I think we should dress up as the power puff girls and stand on the strip sometime.

Camille said...
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Camille said...

My shorts are salmon thank you very much. I don't want to be mistaken for the male trend.

Camille said...
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Camille said...

And are you kidding me? How do we steal that girl?

Laura said...

I don't think I can finish writing this because I am dying right now. That is so funny! I admit, I was sort of expecting her to say "thank you, thank you very much" at the end. But still!