Monday, March 10, 2014


Do you know what the number one question is when I tell people that I'm going to a tennis tournament?  "Oh, do you play?" Which is funny because I never get asked that when I say I'm going to a Dodger game. I realize though that most people don't follow tennis so they wouldn't know that professional tournaments go on year round and one of them is right down the road, figuratively speaking. And I suppose I should be flattered that someone would look at me and think tennis player. I did actually take tennis lessons, once when I was a kid and then again at BYU and I loved it, except holy cats you run a lot.

Anyway, Camille and I made the trek out to the desert again for two days of watching tennis and being roasted by the sun. And Lindsay joined us on day two, which was a treat. Katie was supposed to come out too but she got sick, which was the biggest bummer.  Next year!

Here's a round-up:

1.  Per tradition, we watched Andy Murray play

2. But for the most part we hung out at the smaller courts and saw some really great matches

This guy is Samuel Groth from Australia and every time he'd make a mistake he would mumble to himself, "Come on, Sam. Come on."

3. I am done with people talking on their phones at inappropriate times. Like for example, the middle of a tennis match.  It happened all the time. Done I say!

4. But I'm not done with this guy:

No shoes. No shirt. No problems. Am I right?

5.  I don't think I can adequately express to you just how intense the sun is out there.  But here's a picture that maybe captures it a little. You can barely make out Jo-Wilfried Tsonga crouching down there. It is bright and hot and there are times when you feel like you're going to catch on fire and the only thing that will save you is another frozen lemonade.

6. Or naps in the shade.

7. Some guy asked if the three of us were sisters. We get this all the time. There is a very distinct Knechtiness about us. But he then said, "Do you want to know how I knew? You're lips." Blank stares from us. "I'm not a creeper."

8. Funny, non-tennis related story:  we checked into our hotel and went up to our room and opened the door and there were two men inside, already settled in.  And on their way to a night on the town because they were dressed in their fanciest club shirts and drenched in cologne. The looks on all of our faces were priceless. We got it all settled and I'm just grateful that everyone inside was fully clothed.

9. We got to chat with some line judges while waiting to get into a match and boy was it enlightening. I was very curious as to how they got into it and what their jobs are like. You start pretty low, like JV college low, and work your way up but then you can basically go anywhere. Which sounds like such a great gig. And I would totally look into it if it did not involve wearing pleated front khaki shorts.


sarahgurl said...

eww enough with the pleats already! Can't flat front khakis get the job done?

Laura said...

Yes, there is definitely a very distinct Knechtiness about all of you. I think that's why Mike never remember which of you is which! But the comment about the lips is super creepy!

Rach said...

I am dying to join you at a tennis event some day. Some day I'm going to hop in my car and just do it. You make it look so dang fun. I love the lips comment. Super creepy. I love the guy sunbathing even more. Fun.