Friday, March 7, 2014

Kuriously Bodacious

I sent a panicked message to Camille yesterday:

"We can't stay at that hotel I booked this weekend because they just sent me an email saying 'Come try our Kuriously Bodacious Kafe Bar food.'"

You KNOW how much it bugs me when places of business use incorrect spelling to be cute or grab attention. So much so that I've actually not used a product because of it. People who choose to ignore the rules of spelling should not get my money. We're still staying at that hotel, I'm not crazy, but they may get a strongly worded statement in my review concerning this matter.

What does kuriously bodacious kafe bar food even mean?

And I'm not kidding, two minutes after I sent that I came across this article explaining why companies do this.

I actually had to stop reading half way through because all the examples were giving me the vapors. But I can sum it up in just two words:

They're dumb.

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