Tuesday, April 1, 2014

For all your religious questions

Not for the first time I realize that I need more Catholic friends. I used to work with several Catholics at the Pod and now I work for the LDS Church which means I may as well just be in Utah. It's Mormons all the time up in here. Which is great, but sometimes I have questions about other religions and there isn't anyone regularly in my life who can answer them. And the internet really only generates more questions for me. Therefore, I'm starting a consortium of religious people, with the hopes of getting some answers straight from the source. Also, I would like to discover other religions' equivalent to funeral potatoes.*

Here's the question: I was near a Catholic church on Saturday and throughout the morning I kept noticing families walking in with little children, around 3-5 years old, dressed in white - boys in nice pants and shirts and girls in dresses with veils. What was going on? I initially thought it was their First Communion but then I thought that they looked really young for it. I was under the impression that it happened around 8 or 9. They were also going in at different times, like a family would be leaving as another was coming in. Maybe it was their first communion and I just have the age wrong. Was it their first confession, maybe? Isn't that the sacrament done in between baptism and communion? Oh, what do I know. I should have just stopped someone and asked but I didn't want to disturb anything important. Also, as all good church-going people the world over, everyone seemed to be running late.

Feel free to answer. And also, to join my consortium. I will take all faiths. I have a lot of questions. And you can ask all of your random Mormon questions ("You baptize dead people?!" We don't.) You should not be surprised that an item on our first agenda will be looking into matching windbreakers.

* Note for those who aren't familiar: Like other faith communities, when there is a death Mormons make food. And they provide a lunch or dinner following a funeral, because who wants to be thinking about cooking at a time like this. And at nearly every funeral there is a potato casserole that is made of hash browns, cream of something soup, and cheese, and it's topped with crushed up potato chips that have been drizzled with melted butter. It is a comforting hug in a 9x13 pan. We didn't invent it, but we have certainly made it our own.


Unknown said...

my friend says its their first communion.

Unknown said...

friend says its their 1st communion