Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Don't be alarmed. I'm fine"

You've seen the movie Heavy Weights, right? Because it is Ben Stiller at his finest. I'm not even kidding. It's probably one of my family's most quoted movies. Specifically, many lines from this scene:

So imagine how excited we were when we learned that Katie also had a severely deviated septum. Just like Lars!!!

But that can be fixed so Katie had surgery on Friday. I took her in and hung out at the hospital and then took her down to Mom who is far better equipped to tend to someone with a constant bloody nose. I fully admit that I'm not good around blood, or vomit, basically I don't want to see any bodily fluid coming out of another human being. Although I'm counting it as a personal victory that I changed her gauze several times.  And listened to her doctor use rather graphic terms to describe exactly what he did. The words "crammed" and "shoved" were used multiple times.

When Katie told a coworker that she was having the surgery she said to her, "So are you going to have your nose worked on too?" Which is both funny and horrible. For the record, Katie's nose is great.

She pulled through like a champ and everyone at the hospital was really great. Every nurse that came by would say, "Are you sisters? Twins?" We get that a lot. But one nurse, Pa, took it a step further and said, "You both are so beautiful! You're eyebrows, your lips, your noses, your ears, your cheeks, your foreheads." It was lovely but also really bizarre.

I was slightly disappointed with Katie's recovery immediately after the surgery. I met with the doctor when they were done and then a little while later they said I could go back because she was waking up. I was kind of hoping for some outrageous behavior, the likes of which you see on YouTube after kids have their wisdom teeth pulled. Katie is prone to really funny confessions from her childhood in her more lucid moments and I was wanting to hear more but she didn't say one loopy thing. She just dozed in and out and I fed her ice chips while the woman in the bed next to hers dry heaved for 10 minutes. Oy.

I had to stop for gas on the drive home and I hope that the people at the gas station got a nice laugh out of the nose sling that Katie had to wear.

She's doing much better and catching up on books and movies. And people have been bringing over meals and she gets a week off of school and work and church responsibilities, which is not a bad trade off for someone excavating your nose.


Unknown said...

It sounds like Katie has a loving supportive sister and is being well cared for. Good job. Best wishes to Katie and a speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

It sounds like Katie has a loving supportive sister and is being well cared for. Good job. Best wishes to Katie and a speedy recovery.

curran4life said...

OMG... "nose sling"??? "excavating your nose"??? You totally crack me up!!! :)

Rach said...

I have now put Heavyweights on my To Watch list. Because if your family quotes it, it must be watched. I hope that when Katie was out in public with her nose sling she was still high enough to think it was funny and not embarrassing.