Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Art Society and Taquitos

The general Catholic consensus is that the little kids in white were receiving their first communion. They're just really young. So, mystery solved...or so we think!  Next time I'm just going to go in an ask if I have a question. You know how excited a Mormon would be if someone just came into one of our churches and asked a question? I like to think that all religions are like that.

I was at Olvera Street with Heather and the Art Society on Saturday. We also went up to Chinatown. It should be noted that this is not the Chinatown of your dreams. There are no dead chickens in the windows. But there are plenty of those waving cat figurines and laughing Buddhas. And a shop keeper actually said, "You break, you buy," which was appropriate considering that kids literally pick-up and shake everything in sight.

Here, look at some pictures:

This is just prior to taquitos. The other day I wrote to someone that all I ever want in life is a satisfying lunch. Taquitos from Cielito Lindo is the lunch I'm always looking for.

 Jarron bought this hat with his hard earned money.  Which naturally made me love Jarron even more:

We were walking  up the street and Sam stopped by this fire hydrant and said, "Take my picture!" Yes Ma'am!

Kaiya, alarmed by the size of these sparkly pigs.

Quinn doesn't like me. It's okay. Sam didn't like me in the beginning either. And then we had one long night of her crying it out and now we're best friends. I'm going to have to schedule Quinn's Night of Tears so he can get over it and love me forever and I can kiss those cheeks without him giving me the old stink eye.

In other past weekend news, Katie and I took Angela into LA for the first time and at the end we went to Neveux for ice cream and when we walked in Leo, the da Vinci of ice cream, raised his arms and said excitedly, "I didn't know it was going to be this kind of day!" Which is exactly the kind of reception you want from the guy making your ice cream. We tried the butterscotch rosemary. Wow-wee!


Camille said...

I must try this butterscotch rosemary. Stat.

teri said...

I once asked a middle-schooler about his Baha'i faith. The next week, his mom dropped off a letter at my office explaining more about their beliefs along with an informational booklet and an invitation to ask them more. That's exactly what a Mormon would do, I thought. And it made me happy.

Rach said...

Your outings are always so fun! And you're darn right about kids and their sticky fingers. The expression "bull in a China shop" could be changed to "my middle son in a China shop" and mean the same thing. Your art society kids look very well-behaved, though, and I bet you had a fantastic time.