Monday, June 2, 2014

Future ice cream making plans

It was Camille's birthday last week and to celebrate we went into LA to try out this restaurant called Grub that has something called Crack Bacon. Which, can we just stop calling things crack whatever? It's old, you know. Anyway, it was really, really good bacon. It had all these different spices on it, including anise, which, gross, but combined with everything else it was amazing. 

(Cranky rant of other things I'm tired of hearing:  1.) the word curated in anything other than a museum brochure. As in, "His Tumblr on mid-century potato peelers is expertly curated." It kind of makes me want to punch things. 2.) Sustainable, organic, locally-sourced.  Oh brother. Yay for good food and all but whenever someone starts preaching about this i want to reach for the nearest bag of Cheetos and shout, "I LOCALLY-SOURCED THESE AT THE 7ELEVEN!")(End Rant.)

Back to Grub. The other food we ate there was pretty delicious (brie BLT anyone?) but we all decided that it didn't make the cut of places we HAVE to go to when we're in the area.

Unlike Neveux. Which we did go to, of course. What is a birthday trip into LA without peach pepper ice cream?  I know I talk about this place all the time but you guys, it's the greatest. I won't stop talking about it until all of you have tried it. So get going, OK. While we were eating our ice cream we were chatting with Leo and Camille asked if maybe, someday we could watch the magic happen and see the whole ice cream making process. He said sure! Wow-wee! I love seeing how things are made! He even said we could go shopping with him at the Hollywood farmers market for the ingredients. I won't even flinch if he says "Sustainable, organic, and locally-sourced."


Tessy said...

I agree with your entire rant! And now I want ice cream...

Valerie said...

He'll let you go shopping with him?! It's like you're filming a special for the food network. What a dream. Please bring your camera and document.

Can I add to the rant list bacon? Listen, I like bacon, but I am sick of it having the cache of an Oscar winner. I mean, put a mustache on a slice of bacon and ask it to speak like a pirate and you've pretty much got all my least favorite passe cliches covered.

p.s. I also locally sourced some chips bbq potato chips from my local Stop and Shop. And a few days ago I locally sourced some grass-fed Dorritos tacos from a local Taco Bell.

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...
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