Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Keep your mitts off our pitts

Updates from yesterday's posts:

Valerie, astutely, added bacon to the listed of things she's tired of hearing about. Agreed. I mean, we all love the stuff but it's not some rare treasure. I can literally walk across.the street to Stater Bros. and purchase one slice for 12 cents. Its not a truffle that a pig had to root out in Provence. 

In a weird worlds-colliding moment, right after I saw Val's comment about bacon I got an email about bacon that reminded me of yet another thing that I want done away forever. The portmanteau.  This is the combing of words to make a new word. Like dramedy, or Brangelina. And it just needs to stop because they have ceased to be clever. The email in question was advertising a local grocery store's "bacon-licious" week. Okay, they're not even trying. That took no thought whatsoever. Therefore, I'm calling foul. A good portmanteau at least sounds like the word you're changing, like if you're having a buy one get one free sale on bacon you could say it's a freelicious deal. Because that sounds like delicious. But the trend is so prevalent now that all effort has gone out the window. Let's just put any old words together. You're on my list, portmanteau!

Switching lanes, let's talk about these fire pits. We won the day! AB1102 made it through the first committee and is now moving on to a different committee. We're one step closer to our giant beach blanket bingo bonfire party  I promised if we get this thing fixed.  I don't want to jinx it by making food assignments just yet but we're close.

Casey, always the concerned citizen, followed the proceedings and kept us posted.  Here's his comment:

The main takeaway from the meeting is that the air district people want 100 feet between pits and 700 feet between the pits and houses. The problem is that Balboa and surrounding beaches only have about 600 feet of sand total. But we won this battle.
Also worth mentioning: the former mayor of HB was there and he said "Keep your mitts off our pits!" which, by the way, is the name of the band that will open for Just Lips on the world tour. 

Thanks for the update, Caswell. You're a pillar in our community. And you rock the electric drums like a boss.


Casey said...

The more i think about it, the more I wonder if the former mayor is the frontman for KYMOOP.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the shout out, and the concurrence on bacon. Bacon=oh brother.

And that's great news about the fire pits. I'm glad there is political involvement (even it if is former). The east coast beaches are highly regulated and alarmingly privatized. Like, actual signs in the in sand (the sifting, changing, freaking inconstant sand) that say "Private Beach", and you're not supposed to cross it. Guess who always does.

Or, they have "open" beaches, but there is - no hyperbole - no place to park except for private lots where only residents of the small beachside town are allowed. Guess who also always parks there.

It's alarming, and totally distasteful. I think a lot about the west coast beaches which are the people's beaches. I mean, say what you will about Venice; it's about as democratic as it gets.