Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This and That, Volume 37 (I'm guessing. Who knows.)

1.  We did it again! The Save the Pits bill made it through another committee, this time in a landslide. We have one more committee and then the full Senate and I think we'll be back in business.

2. I got a text from Camille yesterday saying, "Fergus Murphy is the chair for Nadal's match right now." Wimbledon is going on and Camille and I like to keep each other up on anything noteworthy so the other doesn't miss it. And Fergus Murphy is noteworthy to us. We saw him call a match at Indian Wells a few years ago and he was charmingly sassy. He's been our favorite ever since. Having a favorite chair umpire means that we've hit a new level of crazy for tennis. So be it.

3.  There was a weird battle going on the other night at Las Brisas. The gross neighbors across the way were loudly using every swear word in the English language while discussing what to have for dinner. Because you need to. But their upstairs neighbors were having their Bible study and the praise band was out and I think they had microphones. This is such a brilliant tactic. And it worked. The gross neighbors clammed up and went inside. I'm going to play really loud hymns on the piano the next time they start up.

4. I've had a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat for 3 days now. It is obnoxious and I'm afraid that my throat is going to close around it and I'll die. Farewell, cruel world!

5.  My car was sluggish to start this morning. Same yesterday. It had all the signs of a dying battery. So I sucked it up and drove over to Wal-Mart, even though I have bad feelings towards it. But the convenience, you know. Anyway, I turned it off and went to go talk to a guy and then tried to turn it back on and it was dead. Which means that for once in my life I actually sensed a problem with my car and fixed it right away instead of ignoring it and praying that it disappears. What a grown-up!


sarahgurl said...

And you didn't become that girl with the dead car in the fast lane ; )

Rach said...

I hope that at some point I sense a car problem approaching before I get stranded or hit with a huge repair bill. Nicely done.

Congrats on the save the pits campaign.

You guys are my favorite tennis fans, because someone needs to bring the fun and the funk to that snooty bunch! I WILL join you in the desert some day.