Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Remeber how I wrote about Newport Beach banning wood fires in their pits and how riled up I was about it? Well the fury has not subsided. And now there's something we can do about it.

A bill is being voted on tomorrow in the state Senate that would make it harder for cities to pull this kind of chicanery.  But the good senators need to hear your opinion on it. So why don't you give them a call.

 Senator Jerry Hill (Committee Chairman)   (916) 651-4013   *important to call Sen. Hill*
Senator Loni Hancock    (916) 651-4009
Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson   (916) 651- 4019
Senator Mark Leno    (916) 651-4011
Senator Fran Pravley    (916) 651-4027
Senator Ted Gaines    (916) 651-4001

These are the senators on the committee voting tomorrow. If you want to help save the pits call them by tomorrow at 9:30am and ask them to support AB1102. Voice mail is fine if you don't get a real person.

Remember all those s'mores you've had around the bonfire! Remember how happy all of your friends and family looked silhouetted on the fire light! Remember how, when your body is going into minor shock from your sunburn, the fire warmed you up. We need those pits! SAVE THE PITS!


Tessy said...

If my beach were to ban bonfires, I'd be doing what you're doing!

Casey said...

I wrote an email to my boy Jerry Hill this morning. It's on!

Camille said...

I felt so patriotic leaving messages for them. Just doing my civic duty all in the name of gooey marshmallows.

Casey said...

The main takeaway from the meeting is that the air district people want 100 feet between pits and 700 feet between the pits and houses. The problem is that Balboa and surrounding beaches only have about 600 feet of sand total. But we won this battle.
Also worth mentioning: the former mayor of HB was there and he said "Keep your mitts off our pits!" which, by the way, is the name of the band that will open for Just Lips on the world tour.